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How to: 5-step plan for timeless beauty from the inside and out

Beauty starts with the right foundation - the skin. Our skin is a reflection of how we choose to live. And it's actually the largest organ we have. Enough reason to give this extraordinary part of ourselves some extra love, both on the in and outside! We're sharing our 5-step plan - including tips - for timeless beauty. In a nutshell: eat, sleep, cleanse, repeat.  
1. Beauty sleep
You can smear all you want but when you don't provide in the most basic of needs, a cream won't make much difference.

From the inside: go for a minimum of 7-9 hours of sleep every night and a short power nap (max 30 minutes) now and again can work miracles as well.

From the outside: smear on a nourishing mask before you take your power nap. You'll wake up rested with glowing skin!
Tip: sleeping on your belly or side can cause extra wrinkles. Sleep on your back as much as you can.
2. Double nourish
Your skin is the biggest organ you have. And like any other organ it needs nutrients to function. Maintaining healthy habits - like a varied and healthy diet - can prevent lots of damage.

From the inside: eat at least 3 pieces of fruit a day and veggies with every meal.

Tip: the more colors you eat (think red beets, green peppers, orange carrots, etc.) the more different types of antioxidants you get in. Antioxidants help you fight free radicles and other harmful substances.

From the outside: give your skin an extra boost with a rich oil. They contain plenty of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins for extra nourishing.
3. Beauty detox
The most important habit to create is probably cleansing regularly. The amount of pollution in the air (especially in big cities) doesn't do anything good for your skin! And we haven't even talked about make-up yet.

From the inside: eat fiber rich foods - like wholegrains, brown rice and oatmeal - and don't forget to add plenty of water to the mix, as a lack of water can have the opposite effect.

From the outside
: clean your skin twice a day for a radiant complexion.

Tip: use a wash cloth - moistened with some lukewarm water - instead of a cotton pad to remove your cleaning product. The structure of the cloth picks up more dirt and lotion and doubles as a mild scrub.
4. Hydrating is not a fairy tale
It's incredible but our bodies consist of 70% of water. So hydration is pure goodness for the skin.

From the inside: drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, this includes herbal teas without sugar. Hydrating cleanses the body (hello detox!) and prevents your skin of dehydration plus creates a more radiant look.
Tip: green tea is filled with antioxidants. Twice the effect!

From the outside: use a day and night cream daily to provide your skin with extra moist and nutrients.
Tip: before applying a night cream, open up and activate your pores by laying a steam-damp towel on your face. Be careful to let the towel cool of a bit before using. Hello home wellness!
5. Find the right beat
Consistency, consistency, consistency! Look for products and methods that fit your lifestyle and stick to it.

From the inside: sleeping and eating at regular times does a lot of good. But don't forget to block some regular time for exercise. A long walk, a round of cycling or swimming a few laps is perfect for clearing your head and to get your blood pumping.

From the outside
: consistency is truly the magic word! Make sure a good skin care routine becomes as common as brushing your teeth. Once you've found your perfect beat, your skin will thank you for it. So eat, sleep, cleanse, REPEAT!

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