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How to: rock-chic make-up for all ages

In our last blog, make-up artist Carla Rep showed us how to create fresh looking basic make-up for mature skin and how a little extra effort can go a long way with striking eye make-up. In this blog we're using the same base to create a third look: rock-chic. Rock-chic is a common term in fashion and describes a fashion style that combines typical elements from the rock 'n roll style - black, leather, studs - with chic elements like sequins, rich fabrics and lace. A strong look like this craves statement make-up. Our make-up artist Carla Rep creates a rock-chic look that's suitable for women of all ages. 
  • First, a summary of the most important make-up basics for mature skin:
  • - Preferably use liquid or creamy make-up. Powders are dry, accentuate wrinkles and tend to stick to tiny hairs more. 
  • - Add a bit of liquid foundation to your moisturizer and apply to the face using hands and fingers for a natural base. 
  • - Use a pink color blush for a fresh look. 
  • - Always choose matte eye-shadow and accentuate the outer corners of the eyes for an optical lift. 
  • - Use black mascara instead of dark brown. 
  • - Avoid metallic or matte lipsticks. 
  • - Use lipliner to fake fuller lips. 

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For this rock-chic look Carla keeps it soft around the eyes with some pink blush on the eyes (yes that's right, blush on the eyes!) to add a hint of freshness. The eyes are accentuated with dark grey eye-pencil with an emphasis on the outer corners for an optical lifting effect. Want to emphasize the eyes more? Use a fine eye-shadow brush to layer dark grey eye-shadow over the eye-pencil line. A bit of highlighter under the outside arch of your brows adds a fresh touch and some glamour.

The lips: Lip pencil + lipstick 

This rock-chic look is all about the lips. So try to keep the eyes clean and sharp to avoid an overdone look.

  • Apply lipliner just outside of the natural lip line. This trick will give your lips a fuller look. 
  • Combine two of your favorite hues to create a new perfect lip color. Apply layer by layer until the desired effect is created. 
    Tip: mixing colors is great for creating new colors over and over again. You'll never get bored with your existing lipstick collection. 
  • Blend well using your finger or a brush and don't forget to blend in the lipliner as well. 

    Enjoy your look for a longer period by using a setting spray. 
For a long-lasting effect
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