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6x multi-purpose makeup products

In a world where everything is becoming more practical, easier and quicker, makeup can’t stay behind. And so, we’ve become great fans of multi-purpose makeup products. Because the more you can do with your makeup, the less you need to carry with you to the beach, on holiday or wherever you go for that matter. You’ll always have everything you need with you to look and feel great all day without having to carry your entire beauty case along. Quickly read on to discover our favorites.

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1. Tinted moisturizers
This 2-in-1 moisturizer is perfect for a quick makeup base on holiday or every day. Your skin is hydrated optimally all day and will also cover minor skin imperfections. 
2. Beauty sticks
Our favorite product to carry with you all the time, wherever you go! In a single swoop, you’ll effortlessly touch up your entire look. Ideal to use as a blush, lipstick and on your eyelids. 
3. Make-up palets
A true classic among multifunctional makeup products. We especially love the more compact palets that hold multiple products.
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4. Lip2cheek
Ideal for a quick and subtle touch up for lips and cheeks
5. Tinted lip balm
Who doesn’t love makeup that also nourishes? Tinted lip balms care for your lips and add subtle color. 
6. Multipurpose balms
Not particularly handy for you makeup look but very practical to give some extra love and hydration to different dry spots that need it, when you’re on-the-go.
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