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Wear your summer dresses now, with this styling trick

Spring is the season for fresh ideas and discovering new combinations. But Spring is also the season for changing weather conditions and legs that - for whatever reason - aren’t ready for skirts. Recognizable? Than we have the solution for you! Quickly read on.

The dress and blue jeans combination

It’s not entirely new but this combination is making its comeback in a new way: with blue jeans that often show distressed detailing for a cool and nonchalant style and an edgy look that looks fresh and new. Conveniently enough, it also solves a few Spring issues:

• You can wear all your summer dresses much earlier on in the season

• Pale legs are conveniently hidden

• A perfect alternative to wearing pantyhose, tights or leggings underneath your dress

• A simple way to toughen up your delicate, girlie dresses

There’s still plenty to vary within this styling combination, as is shown by the five - completely different - looks below, divided into three different combination methods:

1. Short dress + loose-fit jeans

Jeans with a girlfriend fit, offer a fit that hovers in between slim-fit jeans and the much looser boyfriend fit jeans. This style is perfect to team with shorter dresses with an accentuated waistline. The cinched waist balances out the looser fit of the jeans, to prevent a bulky look. Tip: show your ankles by rolling up the hems of the jeans. This has an optically slimming effect
Girlfriend jeans
2. Long dress + slim-fit jeans 

Skinny jeans are an indispensable item in any wardrobe nowadays and wearing them layered with a dress is a perfect way to combine your skinny jeans differently for a change. Slim-fit jeans go well with midi to maxi length dresses, because the skinny fit of the jeans compensate the long, loose-fit drape of the dress. Especially when your summer dress is made of a slightly sheer fabric, it looks pretty when your legs’ silhouette is visible - for an optically slimmer look.

Tip: pay attention to the color of your blue jeans. If your dress comes in a darker color, then go for light blue jeans and the other way around - for a balancing color contrast in your look.

Slim-fit jeans
 3. Loose-fit dress + flared jeans

Wear a dress layered with flared jeans for unmistakable seventies appeal. This combination will have the hearts of bohemian lovers racing. Opt for high heels underneath your flared jeans for long-looking legs. Team with dresses that show embroidered and lace details for a romantic feel that goes well with this boho chic style.

Tip: choose flared jeans with a longer length that almost completely cover your feet, for even slimmer and longer looking legs.

Flared jeans
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