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9 must-know tips to keep black clothing from fading

Black is the fashion world’s most favorite color, by far. And we totally agree! Black is timeless, flattering and wearable all year round, but more importantly: black combines well with everything! However, we’re all familiar with the problem that black jeans can fade faster than desired. But consider this a thing of the past! In a few minutes time, you’ll know exactly how to prevent black clothes from fading - we’re happy to share our 12 must-know tips. 
1. Wash your black items as little as possible and only when necessary - leave black clothing to air on a clothing hanger in between wearing moments.
2. Remove unpleasant odors with a fabric freshener or soak for 20 minutes in cool water with a dash of Scented Vinegar.
3. Use the Wash & Stain Bar from the Laundress to remove stains quickly and safely without washing.
4. Always wash black garments together and also sort by weight to protect delicate fabrics from abrasion during washing. So never wash your heavy jeans together with a delicate lightweight tee.
5. Wash your black garments inside-out to reduce damage (read: color fading!) as much as possible.
6. Wash your black garments on the lowest temperature (never warmer than 30ºC) and use the shortest washing program.
7. Always use a liquid detergent as a washing powder doesn’t dissolve in cold temperatures. A special detergent – such as Darks Detergent – helps to prevent dark colors from fading.

Did you know that…
… adding a dash of vinegar to the drum works wonders? Vinegar locks the color in, removes residues of detergent and also functions as a natural fabric softener.
… adding 120 grams of salt directly to the drum prevents dark colors from bleeding? Especially useful when washing new clothes for the first time!
… adding two cups of espresso to the rinse cycle of your washing machine works like a natural fabric dye? Light colors will turn brown, but with dark fabrics the color will enhance.
8. Preferably ditch the tumble dryer! Leave your garments to dry hanging and avoid direct sunlight. Heat and light are enemies of black clothing.
9. To remove wrinkles – and basically for anything else – it’s better to steam your garments than to iron. If really necessary, iron at the lowest possible temperature.

We’ve made a selection of our favorite black items below. Shop now and enjoy your black garments as long as possible using our tips!

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