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7-step plan to organize your wardrobe

More hours of sun makes us yearn for a fresh wardobe! How about you? And we don't necessarily mean shopping for new clothes - a firm closet clean out can work miracles. What a wonderful feeling to open your closet and find a clean and organized wardrobe that automatically puts a smile on your face! And you might even discover some pieces that were long forgotten. We’ll teach you the best way to make your dream wardrobe a reality.
1. Empty your closet completely
Before we start organizing, we must disorganize. But the result is worth it. Empty out your closet and make organized piles per category; a pile of pants, a pile of blouses, a pile of tops, etc. This will make it easier to sort per category later on. 
Cleaning must-haves
2. Clean your closet
Now that you’ve removed everything from your closet, it’s the perfect time to dust and clean the shelves. To keep both your closet and wardrobe fresh longer, use scented drawer liner - like this one from The Laundress. 
3. Sort per category
It’s time for ‘the tough part’. Go through all your clothes per category: try them on, be critical and decide if you want to keep or not. Also think of what you want to do with the clothes that you’re saying goodbye to: can it be handed down, sold or donated?

4. Look with fresh eyes
Your closet is empty, and you’ve now sorted your clothes - it’s the perfect time to decide if the old layout is still sufficient. Maybe your wardrobe consists more of pants than dresses now, which might have been the other way around before. This can result in having to rethink the existing layout.
5. Shop needed accessories
To keep your organized wardrobe organized for as long as possible, you might need some extra hangers, clothing bags or boxes to store properly. There are all sorts of handy tools on the market that make an organized closet easier to achieve and maintain. Look for some inspiration online.
Maintaining your clothes is key
6. Check for maintenance
Make sure that all the clothes you place back in your wardrobe, are ready to wear. Check if any items need washing, refreshing, de-fuzzing or repairing and maybe things like shoes and bags could use a good polish as well. This will ensure that not only your closet but also the clothes in it are clean and fresh.
Silicone-free shoe care
7. Organize per category and per color
Organizing per color is the best way to add an extra wow-factor to your wardrobe. It creates a sense of calm instead of chaos. And when you make sure that you organize per category as well - long sleeve shirts together, blouses together, T-shirts together, etc. - you’ll spend less time searching for a specific item.
Yes, you did it! Your closet is clean, sorted and organized. From now on, you’ll start smiling every time you open your closet doors. Now here are the best tips to keep your wardrobe organized:
Do wardrobe checks regularly. 5 to 10 minutes of going through your wardrobe to check if you can get rid of items, is the best way to stay organized in between big closet clean-ups.

Try ‘shopping’ in your own closet. This might sound a bit strange but even when it comes to clothes, we are creatures of habit; we tend to wear the same clothes in the same combinations. So really take some time to seek new inspiration online or in magazines and reserve an entire morning to try out new combinations with the pieces you already own. You’ll be surprised how many clothes you actually hav so you can postpone shopping. And what you don’t buy, won’t take up space in your organized closet.

When shopping is inevitable, then shop wisely. Only buy what you really love and invest in good quality that will last longer. This will automatically result in you building your ideal wardrobe instead of accumulating a closet full of fleeting trendy items and clothes that you’ll get rid of within two seasons.

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