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How to care for your delicate garments

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After wearing, hang the garment immediately on a hanger to air, preferably in a drafty room or hang it in the bathroom while taking a shower. Any odors will soon disappear and the garment will be refreshed.

Hand Wash

When washing by hand, prevent soaking the garment as this causes fibers to lose their elasticity. It is very important to thoroughly rinse all traces of soap, and gently squeeze out any excess water. A maximum temperature of 30°C is enough to clean and refresh your clothing.


Machine Wash
The key rule when doing your laundry is to wash them on a low temperature with a good detergent that is especially made for the garments you are cleaning. This way you can protect your clothes from aging to fast. Any sheer garments should always be placed in a washing-bag to ensure the best care.



Tumble drying your delicate garments is generally not a good idea, as the garments might shrink and wear faster. There are exceptions from the rule, but special care should be taken with certain garments and tumble drying should be avoided: Cotton knitwear because of shrinkage, wool because of felt formation, silk and polyacrylic articles because of heat damage. We advise you to dry your garments flat on a clothing hanger to be on the safe side.

How to care for your cashmere

To avoid damaging the very fine knitting, we recommend taking extra care when wearing jewelry, belts, and other accessories. Make sure that you read the care instructions carefully before cleaning your cashmere. Always air the garment after wearing, leave for a ‘rest’ period and store flat. Please follow these instructions to ensure lifelong pleasure of your cashmere.


Hand Wash

Use special Cashmere & Wool detergent or a small amount of baby shampoo. Wash in cold to lukewarm water, rinse thoroughly, carefully press out any excess water, and dry flat. Make sure to use a steam iron though press cloth.


Dry Clean

Use a professional dry cleaning service.


Laundry and Label Care Symbols

Always read the care instructions on the label before washing a garment. The symbols used on the care label is normally divided into 5 categories: Washing, bleaching, ironing, dry cleaning and tumble drying.



Machine Wash, Heat

Machine Wash, Warm

Machine Wash, Warm
Permanent Press

Machine Wash, Low

Machine Wash, Low
Permanent Press

Low Wash
Delicate/gentle cycle

Cold Wash
Delicate/gentle cycle

Hand Wash

Do Not Wash

Chlorine Bleach Allowed
Do Not Bleach

High Heat Medium Heat Low Heat Do Not Iron

Dry Clean
Dry Cleanable in All Solvents

Professional Drycleaner

Do Not Dry Clean
Symbols with P or F cannot usually be cleaned with tetra or tri.
The letters mainly relate to dry cleaning and indicate what solvent to be used.
The line under the circle means: light load, high dry laundry/water ratio, little mechanical movement, short cleaning, rinsing and spin times, and most importantly no added water.

Tumble Dry
Tumbled Dry on High Heat Tumbled Dry on Low Heat Do not Tumble Dry
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