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This is how you make the color of your eyes pop with clothes!

Eyes say much about who you are and are also known as the mirrors of the soul. They play an important role in how we feel and look. Your eyes reveal when you’re feeling tired and vice versa; when you feel energized and happy, your eyes will radiate just that. A lot has to do with a healthy lifestyle but there are ways to influence the way your eyes look with clothes. Emphasizing your eyes is also a clever way to divert attention from other parts of the body - looks are immediately drawn to your eyes. A simple way to achieve this, is by using the basics of color theory; by adjusting the color of your clothes, accessories and makeup to the color of your eyes.

There are two ways to accentuate your eyes with your choice of clothes, and literally create eye-catchers:

1. Wear clothes in your eyes’ complementary color (mainly works for blue, green and brown eyes). The contrast emphasizes the color of your eyes.

2. Wear clothes in the same color group as your eyes (works for all eye colors). The tonal combination strengthens the color of your eyes.

Tip: these rules apply to clothes that frame your face for the best effect. Think: upper pieces (or items with a fixed top half like dresses and jumpsuits), make-up and accessories like scarves and wraps that are worn near the face. 

Blue eyes

make blue eyes pop with contrasting orange or matching blue

The complementary color of blue is orange, so to create even brighter blue poppers think in the direction of fresh tangerine to warm rusty oranges for your clothes, accessories and makeup. Oranges that border terracotta red also work well. 
Orange versus blue eyes
Or go for a tonal approach to magnify the blue hue of your eyes, with a matching blue-on-blue combination. Alternate within the whole range of blues - from icey pale blue to deep cobalt - and discover what makes you feel at your best. 
Match your blue eyes with blues
Green eyes

make green eyes pop with contrasting reds, purples or pinks

The complementary color of green is red, but neighboring colors like purples and pinks are also a good match with green eyes. Experiment and discover what makes you happier: go for eggplant to mauve colors or maybe you’ll feel more comfortable with terracotta hues to deep reds. Feeling bold? Try mixing reds and purples within one outfit for a trendy color-block look. 
Purple versus green eyes
Red versus green eyes
Pink versus green eyes
Brown eyes

enhance brown eyes with blues, greens or purples

You can go multiple ways with brown eyes. Brown is represented sparingly in the color wheel but is definitely present, in the darker parts of orange. Simultaneously, brown is categorized as a neutral color that can handle lots of combinations. As a complementary color, you can choose from the family of blues but also neighboring colors like green and purple - they all beautifully enhance the brown hue of your eyes. And ofcourse, brown and brown go well together as well. 
Green versus brown eyes
Matching brown for brown eyes
Then we also have eyes with neutral colors, like black and grey. In this case, the color wheel won’t take you very far. But these neutral colors can handle lots of different options. Keep below rules in mind:
• Combine black eyes with darker colors like navy blue, deep purple, burgundy and dark bottle green.
• Combine grey eyes with lighter colors like pale blue, light mauve, soft dusty pink and light olive green.

Accentuate your eyes even more by applying the same rules to your eye makeup choice. Quickly check out our eye makeup shop to emphasize your eyes even more.

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