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The perfect way to apply a beauty mask in 6 steps

Just like all roads lead to Rome, there are various ways to apply a face mask. But whichever way you choose, there’s always a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind and simple tricks to get the most out of your precious beauty time. Quickly read on to discover the perfect way to apply a beauty mask and get right to it.

Our very first tip? Make applying a face mask a part of your beauty routine at least once a week. Especially with the amount of pollution in the air nowadays, it’s not a luxury to give your skin some extra attention and love on a regular basis.

1. Cleanse & exfoliate your skin

If you want to optimize the effects of your mask, then it’s an absolute must that your skin is clean, clean, clean. Remove all your makeup and gently scrub your face, neck and cleavage to remove dead skin cells. With a clean canvas to work with, all the effective ingredients of the mask can penetrate even deeper into the skin. 

2. Steam open those pores

If you’re prepared to put in some extra minutes into your mask routine, then the next step is steaming. By steaming your face for just a few minutes with a facial steamer or simply by wetting a small towel with very warm water and laying it over your face, you’ll open up your pores which makes it easier for all the goodness to do their job. 

3. Apply mindfully

Applying with your hands is probably the easiest option, just make sure that your hands are as clean as your face is. Apply using circular motions and avoid the delicate skin around the eyes.; this also prevents product from dripping into your eyes. Don’t forget to include your neck and cleavage area and don’t be too stingy with the amount. Or invest in a good quality brush; in this case, don’t forget to thoroughly clean your brush after every use. 

4. Multi-masking

You know your skin like no one else does, so you almost instinctively know what it needs. But your facial skin isn’t the same everywhere; think of the greasy T-zone. Recognize this? Then multi-masking is the way to go! This simply means that you apply several masks at the same time on different areas of the face. In case of a greasy T-zone with dry spots on your cheeks, you’ll want to apply a deep cleansing mask on the T-zone and an extra nourishing mask on the cheeks. You can even use special sheet masks simultaneously. Pay attention to the different exposure times of the different masks, to make sure you can remove it all at once afterwards. 

5. Remove it all

The only thing to keep into account with this step, is to remove all of the product. Rinse your face well with lukewarm water until all the product is visibly removed. Next, use a mild toner to remove the last bits of non-visible product from your face. Product that hasn’t been removed, could clog your pores and lead to minor infections in the skin. 

6. High-quality after care

The masks have done their job and have been removed successfully. But the special treatment doesn’t end there. Your skin is now perfectly prepped for further pampering. So, give some extra love with a good facial cream or serum to leave your skin feeling soft and looking glowy.

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