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A unique collection of clothing, accessories, lifestyle and beauty products is our core business. And to help you roam through our shop with more ease and fun - so you can easily curate your ideal personal wardrobe - we have some handy ‘tools’ at your disposal. Have you discovered them yet?

A new year asks for a fresh start, so this time of year is great for taking a good and hard look at your wardrobe as well. Time to reassess and maybe say farewell to some items. Maybe you’ll come to the conclusion that you’re missing certain things or that some garments are ready for replacement. This blog will help you to shop smarter at PB from now on, when you follow our 12 must-know tips. You’ll learn how to get the most out of your shopping sprees, so quickly read on to learn more. 

1. Discover our Essential Styles selection

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PB’s Essential Styles selection consists of styles that have proven their worth season after season, and are great for building the foundation of your wardrobe. Versatile, timeless and of high quality - those are the criteria our Essentials have to meet. They some back each season, never go on sale and always offer an up-to-date feel. The ‘infinity’ icon helps you recognize them. Want to know more? Read our blog The Essential Shop to learn all you need to know about our Essential Styles collection.

PB’s Essentials selection consists of timeless wardrobe items that return each season and can be the new cornerstones of your wardrobe. Timeless designs and colors, and high-end materials effortlessly merge into quality essentials that enable a wide range of diverse styling possibilities. Redefine your collection around timeless pieces to create your ideal ‘foundation wardrobe’. Read our blog The Essentials Shop to learn all about PB’s Essentials.

2. Add to your favorites

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Still in doubt about an item? Add it to your favorites list – don’t forget to log in first, and then click on the heart symbol in the corner of the product photo – and let it sink in for a few days. Ask yourself questions like: does this item go with any of the pieces I already own? Can I create multiple outfits with it? Use your favorites list as a handy pre-selection tool before actually shopping. 

3. Dive into our looks to get inspired

At PB, we put an endless amount of love and attention into our items. To inspire you as much as we can, we style our items differently on different models every time. Curious if an item suits you and in need of inspiration on different styling options? Discover our suggestions at the bottom half of the product page or go to our Looks page; the ultimate styling guide for an endless amount of combinations. 

4. Shop an entire look in one swoop

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Has an item caught your attention, and you also love all the other items it’s styled with? Then click on the ‘hamburger’ icon in the right bottom corner of the photo to shop the entire look in one click (note: the items can vary per photo). All you have to do is choose the correct size per item and add it to your shopping cart. 

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5. 'Quick scan' the latest styles

Our ‘New in the shop’ pages showcase the latest items daily. On mobile devices (smartphone and tablet) we offer the option to quickly scan all the photographs by swiping from left to right, without actually clicking into the item. A real time saver! 

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6. Measurements rule 

Our Editors measure every item by hand to give you accurate information on the silhouette. Use the ‘Size Guide’ on every product page to get a realistic idea of how a garment would fit you. Do you have a favorite sweater, dress of pair of pants at home, and looking for a garment with a similar fit? Our Size Guide is perfect to use as a comparison tool.

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7. Use the 'Notify me when available' option

When one of your favorites is sold out, or your size or even the entire item isn’t in stock, then there’s always a chance it will come back into stock. Use the ‘Size not available’/’Sold out’/ ‘Coming soon’ button to get notified as soon as the item is back in our shop. When you do though, respond quickly, as you won’t be the only one to have turned on the notification. Feeling impatient? Check out our similar items at the bottom half of the product page to discover some great alternatives. 

8. Add items to your latest order

When you’ve ordered earlier and order again within the next few hours, then both orders can be merged into one final order. This way, you’ll save on postage costs, seeing as we’ll only have to send out a single package. Orders exceeding the total amount of €70,-, will be sent without postage costs. You can manually merge your two orders on the payment page when the option to do so is visible. When it’s not, then we’ve already processed the first order and merging orders isn’t possible anymore. 

9. Let us know your favorite brands

Want to stay up to date on the latest of your favorite brand(s)? Then sign up for our brand updates on the brand page and get notified as soon as a new item of your favorite brand(s) appear online. You can customize which emails you’d like to receive or not.

10. Contact our Editors

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In addition to the extensive selection of no less than 13 pictures per item, each item is also carefully described in detail by our Editors. Thanks to the high resolution, all items can be viewed up close using our zoom function, making it possible to peek at the smallest details. Take a look at the texture of the fabric, the different finishes, zoom in on a print or view colors close up. Still have questions about an item; specifically about the item itself, the fabric or the combination options? Send your questions to one of our Editors and they’ll be more than happy to help you to make the right choice.

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