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Why Italian jersey is indispensable in your travel wardrobe

With the travel season upon us, we spend a lot of time putting together our ideal travel wardrobe. And what quality could be more perfect than Italian jersey? Also called Travel jersey, Tech jersey and Euro jersey - different names for the one quality that guarantees a wrinkle-free appearance when taken out of your suitcase and takes up minimal space. In short; more looks to take with you, less hastle!

Quick Dry
Dries twice as fast as conventional beachwear

Easy Care
Minimal maintenance required

Wrinkle Free
Reduces the formation of wrinkles

Extra Comfort
Offers great wearability and a perfect shape

No Pilling
Guarantees smoothness and excellent resistance to abrasion

Body Moisture System
Provides perfect breathability and greater freshness
The list of pros of Italian jersey is long; it's strong, doesn't pill, dries quickly, stays wrinkle-free, is extremely comfortable to wear and - just as important - looks stylish and refined. Italian jersey absorbs color really well, resulting in a higher color intensity and good color fastness. Plenty of reasons that make this one-of-a-kind quality popular in the collections of JapanTKY, Woman by Earn, no man's land, Josephine & Co Red Label and many other brands. It's not surprising that especially our Dutch brands love this easy-care material so much - it perfectly matches the values of Dutch women who appreciate comfort and ease just as much as style.

But what exactly is Italian jersey? It's a technically produced jersey with a smooth and refined knit structure with bi-stretch properties. The perfect balance between a supple drape and a firm touch ensures a flattering fit and an optimal shape.

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