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The answers to our burning beauty questions have now been found! Because Rahua's rainforest grown beauty, as Rahua so adequately puts it, is based on beauty rituals that have been used for generations and have proven their worth. Founders Fabian Lliguin - also a well-known hair stylist in New York - and his wife Anna Ayers have traveled to the depths of the rainforest to encounter the women of the Quecha-Shuar tribe. They've witnessed hair and skin care rituals passed down from generation to generation. A rich routine using pure oils that can only be found in the Amazon rainforest. Hello radiant skin and glowing strong hair!

Rahua is named after one of the precious and much-used oils in the products: Rahua oil. And the secrets only starts to unravel itself on molecular level; the tiny molecules are small enough to reach fibers deep within, more so than any other ingredient can. For intense care! And it's this type of care - that happens from within and results in a better looking exterior and a stronger structure - that us women crave! Next to this almost miracle Rahua oil, the Rahua products are also enriched with more unique ingredients and oils, with each their own special superpower.

Rahua offers a wide range of hair and body care products consisting of shampoos, conditioners, hair styling products, elixirs, masks, lotions and shower products. They one by one promise to be free of parabens, glutes, silicones and sulfates and are of organic origin, cruelty-free and Rahua supports the wellbeing and preservation of the indigenous Quecha-Shuar tribes. Enough reason to start adding Rahua to your beauty routine right away.

Nice to know: Rahua's products have already been discovered by models, Hollywood stars and fashion magazines around the globe!

CEO Birgit: “I use this Cream Wax from Rahua every day, to tame my curls. I love the nourishing effect and it smells great! The wax doesn't feel greasy and adds a healthy shine to my hair.” 

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