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The button-down dress: one dress, two ways to style

Hello fall! The season of warm autumn colors and soft fabrics is upon us. Wardrobe wise, this requires some adjusting - we’re saying so long to short sleeves, bare legs and flowy summer dresses and are starting to wear more layers. But that doesn’t mean that you should discard your entire summer wardrobe all at once. There’s plenty of ways to give your wardrobe a more seasonless character. Take the button-down dress; an item that’s perfect to wear every season! Quickly read on to discover this new way of styling.
Of course, there are several ways to keep wearing your (summer) dresses well into the fall, or even into the winter. Think of things like, wearing warm tights or heavy stockings, a warm and cozy cardigan and for sleeveless or short sleeve dresses, there’s always the turtleneck T-shirt that can be worn underneath. All perfect layering options to prolong wearing dresses over several seasons. But when it comes to the button-down dress, there’s another - less apparent - option: wear your button-down dress completely buttoned open, to layer over any outfit for a kimono inspired style. 
This trick works well with all button-down dresses, no matter the style or length of the dress; from uni-colored to printed dresses, from knee-length to midi or maxi styles - collect all your button-down dresses and start experimenting with different outfits underneath. Teamed with leather pants and a silk top, your new-style cover-up will look different from when you wear it with jeans and a turtleneck T-shirt underneath. This enables varying from casual to more chic or classic looks - the options are truly endless. 
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