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Bohemian dresses, refined knits, denim styles, leather biker jackets and contemporary basics represent the latest by-bar collection. The feminine brand from Dutch origin breathes femininity and timelessness and is underlined by a versatile character. Neutral colors like black, grey, dark blue and off-white are combined with contemporary trend colors and striking prints. A modern, clean design is centralized in the by-bar collections and is implanted into detail. Materials, colors and structures determine the uniqueness of the designs and also the timeless approach - the brand transcends fleeting trends. by-bar is the brand for the modern woman.

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by-bar arose from a preference for fashion, travelling and stunning objects and is founded by Barbara Brenninkmeijer in 2008; who worked as fashion buyer in previous years. The Dutch brand represents a combination of clean Scandinavian design and an effortlessly feminine 'je ne sais quoi' style with a subtle bohemian undertone. The by-bar styles in our online shop are characterized by high-quality materials, focus on details and a timeless character. Items in natural colors with colorful accents and unique prints and materials dominate the look book. In our by-bar online shop you can find a selection of tops, blouses, dresses, skirts and pants that can be complemented with the accessories of the brand. Discover the by-bar collections in our online shop.

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