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Nooz Optics

Reading glasses, sun glasses and glasses that protect our eyes against the blue light of our screens - with French design as inspiration. We welcome glasses brand Nooz Optics. This innovative brand brings frames with a minimal design aesthetic against quality and functionality. Tortoise color effects are combined with black, soft pink, dark grey and even transparent styles. Mix-and-match with your outfit or opt for a modern contrast - Nooz Optics brings a variety of designs. Protect your eyes and showcase a contemporary feminine look at the same time. Find our selection of Nooz Optics here.

Nooz Optics online shop

Innovation, accessibility, simplicity and functionality are the core values of glasses brand Nooz Optics - the newbie in our online shop. The brand is built around French heritage with a focus on reading glasses, sun glasses and glasses that protect against the blue light of our screens. The family company arose from innovation to offer a modern translation to simplify presbyopia - the brand's first glasses were legless glasses. The Nooz Optics designs in our online shop were created with high quality in mind and with the wearer as their biggest source of inspiration. Great usability and a stylish look effortlessly combine with simplicity and minimalism - and of course functionality. Opt for French allure and discover our Nooz Optics selection in our online shop.

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