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Lalla Marrakech

Adding an eye-catching finishing touch to your outfit is a breeze from now on, with Lalla Marrakech's accessories. Unique designs characterize the label that finds its origin in - as the name suggests - Marrakech. Think large shopper bags in innovative and sturdy fabrics like velvet showcasing an iconic Persian carpet dessin and French terry cloth with burn-out pattern that also adds body to the designs. Next to that, Lalla Marrakech choses color that make you smile like red, cobalt blue, grey, pink, beige, coral and navy. And then there's the size which is royal; large enough to carry all your essentials with you and so much more. Discover the collection by Lalla Marrakech right here.

Lalla Marrakech online shop

Lalla Marrakech is the brainchild of founder Leatitia Trouillet - a modern bohemian French modern woman, surfer wife, mom of two and addicted to travelling and getting inspired at markets. She divides her time over Lisbon and Marrakech, which explains the referral to this Moroccan city in the brand name, complemented by the Arabic word Lalla which means madame. Marrakech is also the place of design and production of all Lalla Marrakech accessories that can be found in our online shop; local craftsmen make every piece by hand in their ateliers. Discover the playful, modestly sophisticated and very practical bags by Lalla Marrakech in our Lalla Marrakech online shop.

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