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SU Paris Luxury Resort Wear

The meeting of two worlds - SU (Turkish for water) arises from the fusion of a Parisian chic style with the addition of energetic Istanbul. And all this processed in a collection of luxury resort wear, containing craftsmanship and handicraft. In our SU Paris Luxury Resort Wear online shop, you'll find the most exclusive items, perfect for a luxurious holiday, a day at the beach or a weekend trip. Check out our SU Paris Luxury Resort Wear online shop to add luxe and style to your warm-weather wardrobe.

SU Paris Luxury Resort Wear online shop

The ultra-luxe SU Paris Luxury Resort Wear offers a collection of irresistible items that simply makes you want to buy it all. Trend transcending styles - made from high-quality and airy cotton - come your way in stylishly selected tonal color combinations in timeless black, grey, off-white, beige and ecru hues. Dessins pass by in multitude in the shape of stripes, wide colored strips and abstract patterns referring to an urban-ethnic style with a chic-bohemian feel. Spoil yourself with these luxe kaftan and poncho style cover-ups from SU Paris Luxury Resort Wear, for the ultimate luxe feel.

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