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We’ve tested it for you! Nourishing and easy-to-apply makeup

We all want it: flawless looking skin, healthy blushing cheeks and kissable lips. Preferably for the rest of our lives if possible. Perricone MD - renowned for their unmatched line of natural face care products - introduces a one-for-all makeup solution that enables you to create the most natural looks effortlessly. And it contains nourishing properties as well! Too good to be true? Our team has done the testing for you.

Makeup artist Carla Rep on the entire Perricone MD makeup line:
Carla: “These are great products to apply! So easy to blend, using just your fingers and the result is super natural looking. And the sheer lipstick adjusts to any skin tone - it looks like your lips look like this naturally.”

Carla used the Perrricone makeup line on 3 of our models. 

Facial care with makeup qualities, is how Perricone MD self describes their unique line. Literally good for the skin and composed with precision to give your face a subtle oomph. This makeup isn’t for the times that you’re looking for heavy coverage but it’s perfect for an everyday, natural effect. For a slightly airbrushed version of yourself, so to speak. Good to know: this makeup can be applied using your fingers, you hardly need a sponge or brush.

Marissa (editor) and Eline (E-commerce coordinator) on No Foundation Foundation Serum:

Marissa: “Finally a foundation that doesn’t clog my pores and perfectly blends in with my natural skin tone. I barely feel I’ve put anything on and it gives me a perfect ‘my skin but better’ look.”

Eline: “My daily make-up routine used to be: mascara and go! Because of my rosacea, my skin looks naturally red and blemished, so I’ve always been weary or trying new products as they can worsen the condition of my skin. I don’t like the cakey look and feel of regular foundations, but No Foundation Serum gives me the healthy and calm-looking appearance I want, without any irritation."

Ashley (Customer Care) on No Blush Blush:
Ashley: “No Blush Blush is super easy to apply with my fingers and it gives me a very subtle blush. It lasts all day long. I’m a fan!”

Morena (editor) on No Mascara Mascara:
Morena: “The deep dark brown color gives a very natural look and I like that the mascara nourishes my lashes at the same time. I apply a layer in the morning and add an extra layer in the evening for a fuller look. I’ve also received lots of complements about the No Blush Blush that I’ve been using lately.”

Bianca (editor) on No Makeup Foundation:
Bianca: “I’m generally not a fan of foundations because I feel that it’s visible when not applied correctly. After 25 years of no foundation at all, I’ve now completely fallen for No Makeup Foundation. Apply like you would your day cream and tiny flaws disappear. And it feels so light and looks so sheer.”
Joyce (editor) on No Makeup Instant Blur:
Joyce: ”I was quite skeptical but I can now honestly say that No Makeup Instant Blur has surprised me. I use it as a primer on different areas of my face to reduce fine lines and tone down my oily T-zone.”

A blush, lipstick, lipgloss, highlighter and mascara in only one hue; the No Makeup makeup line is a compact collection of makeup that cares for your skin in the first place. Only the foundation is available in different colors.
Discover Perricone MD makeup
Discover our Perricone MD face care line - nourising, caring and made from natural ingredients. 

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