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Travel light: with these handy beauty products, you'll have room to spare in your suitcase

Yes, the holiday is lurking around the corner. You're already thinking of all the things you want to see and do at your holiday destination and of course, there's still packing to do. If you're not the type that travels light naturally, then this blog is for you! Because even on holidays, you don't want to compromise on your very important beauty routine - so you'll look just as radiant after your trip and have everything you need at hand for spontaneous parties and dinners during your stay.  Discover our 3 ways to still enjoy a full make-up and care routine on holidays, without taking up all the luggage space.  
1. Choose multifunctional 
We love simple. And what's simpler than multifunctional products? How great if you can care for both your skin and hair with only one product for instance.  
One product, multiple functions
2. Go for a make-up palette 
Remember these? Make-up palettes! We'll gladly make room in our beauty cases for this favorite from the eighties. For travelling, choose the multi-functional kind -  for eyes and lips or eyes and cheeks for example.  
Versatility in a palette
3. Choose travel kits 
The most practical solution to save packing space, is to find travel size versions of your favorite beauty products. And to make it easier for you, our favorite brands have put together handy kits that contain all you need.  
Big love for small sizes
Discover our Travel size page, for more handy beauty products to take with you when travelling. 

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