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Must-know: the effect of bronzer and luminizer in the winter

It’s Summer, the sun is shining and your skin looks beautifully tanned – a bronzer is perfect for perfecting that sun kissed tone. But what do we do with our bronzer in wintertime, when our skin has a lighter color? With some simple adjustments, you can create makeup that looks like it’s been touched by sun rays – even in Winter. Our makeup artist Carla Rep shares her (now not so) secret tips with you, for a sun kissed glow in the winter.
1. Mix it up!
A bronzer can look heavy when you apply too much on light skin – we want to avoid unnatural looking stripes and visible lines between makeup and skin. Try adding some drops of fluid bronzer to your foundation or moisturizer for a natural looking glow.
Another trick to try out is blending your bronzer – which mainly contains brown hues - and blusher together for a warmer effect. The red tones of the blusher add color to your face while the bronzer adds that ‘touch of sun’ – try it out to see if this works for you! Tip: mature skin? Then avoid bronzers with lots of shine. Blending with your daily makeup, as described above, is a perfect way to keep it subtle.
2. (get to) Know your face
Every woman knows her own face best – if this isn’t the case, then it’s about time! This self-knowledge is essential to perfectly apply bronzer. Bronzer is applied on spots that get tanned first in summertime; like your forehead, nose bridge, cheekbones and chin. But because every face is different, these spots aren’t the same for every person. Tip: preferably choose a cream or liquid bronzer over a powdery texture in Winter – powder formulas can make your already dry winter skin even dryer.
3. Bronzed eyes
Try replacing your usual eye shadow with bronzer! The golden-brown color of the bronzer adds warmth to your look and will give your complex a subtle lift. Apply sparingly and slowly build up the effect by applying thin layers using your fingers or a brush.

4. Do the face-hand test
Throughout the year, our face and hands are submitted to the same amount of sun and air. So, your hands are the perfect comparison ‘tool’ to give your makeup a quick check. If the color difference between hands and face is too big, then you’ve taken it too far. Doesn’t get any simpler than that!
5. Add some light
If you’ve got applying your bronzer down to a tee, then it’s time to shed some light on your face. While bronzer creates a sun kissed look, a luminizer creates a slightly different effect. When applied on the right places, a luminizer adds that much-sought-after healthy glow – like you’ve just had a facial and your skin in still in that after-glow state. Microscopically small, reflecting particles bounce back the (day)light they catch to imitate a subtle shine.  
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