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Dr Jackson’s simple 3-phase beauty approach

‘Beauty comes from within’ - so true on different levels. More and more, we’re learning that what shows on the outside isn’t only a result of external factors, but that our lifestyle - what we eat, drink and do - is as much of influence. Enter Dr Jackson’s - a beauty brand that not only develops a sustainable and natural beauty range but complements this with a series of uniquely composed teas that offer a nourishing, internal beauty fix for your body. Discover their award winning, holistic approach. 
Dr Jackson’s believes in the uncomplicated - something that’s visible in even the design of the packaging. Contemporary and no-nonsense! Just as well arranged, is their beauty approach that consists of a simple 3-step plan. 
1. Cleansing
No choosing from dozens of options for different skin types or ages but only one, well-formulated face wash that cleanses mildly and also hydrates optimally. Bye bye, uncomfortable ‘tight’ feeling skin after washing.
Dr Jackson's Face Wash
2. Hydration | step 1: face care
Rich in everything that’s good for your skin. Dr Jackson’s creams are formulated with the best of what nature has to offer, in unique and scientifically researched combinations that create multi-functional formulas.
Dr Jackson's Face Care

Hydration | step 2: body care

Complement your daily care routine with the rich and nourishing oils and gels - suitable for face, body, hair and nails. Caring, anti-inflammatory, hydrating, smoothes the appearance of scars and cellulite and even works as a primer for your make-up. We told you: multi-functional!

Dr Jackson's Body Care
3. Internal nourishment
We all experience periods where fatigue, feeling bloated, dull skin, restlessness and stress get the best of us. Not very helpful for our skin. With three powerful teas, Dr Jackson’s fights the symptoms of a less healthy lifestyle from the inside. All the natural ingredients are carefully picked for their healing, detoxing and relaxing properties. 
Dr Jackson's Teas
Four products from the Dr Jackon’s range have recently been picked - by an independent jury of international beauty experts - as winners of The Shortlist Beauty Awards 2019. From a world wide selection of over 600 beauty brands, the products below have won prizes for their caring and healing properties. 
Dr Jackson's Prize Winners
Dr Jackson’s and sustainability
Dr Jackson’s works daily on creating a sustainable line on multiple levels. They hardly or don’t use plastic, support rural communities that grow ingredients locally and they focus on ingredients that are natural and prganic as much as possible. Of course, nothing is tested on animals and all this is supported by a handful of labels. We love it!  

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