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Discover Shape Wear - when to wear which type?

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes which creates diversity on this planet we live on. And let’s be honest, everybody should feel beautiful in the body they have. But criticizing ourselves - we women excel in doing just that! Especially when it comes down to our own bodies. How often haven’t we said already that we would like to change this or that? At those moments, shapewear is the answer. Because despite that we should feel confident in our bodies, smoothing or lifting ‘problem areas’ can give our confidence the boost we’re looking for. And that’s exactly what we need when we’re wearing that beautiful dress on that special night. Quickly read on and discover which type of shapewear is perfect for boosting your confidence.

1. Tummy and waist 
For the tummy and waist area, there’s also different options to choose from and your final choice depends on your personal preference. Opt for a comfortable shaping, high-waist panty or include your buttocks and thighs with shaping high-waist shorts.

Tip: layer with shaping tights for an extra shaping effect.

Shaping high-waist panties
Shaping shorts
Shaping tops offer mild shaping for tummy and waist and also smooth down your back. 
Shaping tops
2. Buttocks and thighs
We want them lifted and smooth, our thighs and bum. No problem! And the great thing about shapewear is that there’s more and more to choose from fabric wise. Choose a thinner fabric for a medium shaping effect with more freedom to move or opt for a heavier fabric for an intensive shaping effect.
Light to medium shaping shorts
Intensive shaping shorts
Tip: for extra shaping, team with shaping tights or pantyhose to create perfectly shaped legs.
Shaping tights
3. All-over shaping
Looking for an all-over shaping effect? Then opt for the bodysuit. There the choice between sculpting bodysuits that offer an intensive shaping effect or shaping bodysuits that offer a medium shaping effect. Next to that, you can choose from different versions:
• Open-bust bodysuit: this is perfect when you like to change it up bra wise - this makes this type of bodysuit versatile.
• With legs: perfect for some shaping action at the buttocks and thighs.
Sculpting bodysuits
Shaping bodysuits
4. Especially for skirts and dresses
Shaping shorts and panties can be worn with pants, dresses and skirts. But maybe you’re the type that feels more comfortable wearing shaping slip skirts and dresses for the practical benefits - when you go to the toilet for instance, a slip skirt or dress is easier to manage.
Shaping slip skirts
Shaping slip dresses
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