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Beach alert! 8 simple tips to protect your hair from a day of sun and sea

Summer is in full effect! Which means long days and evenings at the beach and cooling down in the sea - either in your home country or abroad. With our 8 must-know tips, you’ll make sure that your hair looks top notch all summer and is in top condition after the summer.

It’s so important to protect the outer layer of hour hair - which exists of hair cuticles that overlap roof tile wise. When your hair dries out, the cuticles open and external influences suddenly get the chance to do harm to the inner layers, that are far more delicate. Quickly read on!
Hair cuticles are layered like rooftiles. When 'open', the heat from the sun, air polution, dust and salt from sea water can do much damage. 

1. Pre-treat with a leave-in conditioner or oil
Because preventing is always best, preparation is key when you have a day at the beach planned. Treat your hair with a leave-in conditioner or (hair) oil and your hair is nourished and protected all day long.
Conditioners and oils
2. Braid your way to control
Is your hair properly prepped? Then it can feel a little greasy. Ideal circumstances for braids. Braiding is a perfect way to look stylish at the beach all day, to prevent tangling (especially brushing them out afterwards is damaging) and to prevent damage from sun and saltwater. A loose bun also works if braiding isn’t your style.

3. Protect with an SPF
Is your hair braided? Then protect your hair like you would your skin - with an SPF! SPF sprays are ideal. Spray a medium amount in your hand palm, rub between your hands and evenly divide over your hair and braid, with downward strokes that close the hair cuticles. Is your hair loose? Than lightly spray on your hair and divide evenly with your hands.

SPF sprays
4. Rinse out saltwater regularly
Is there an outside shower close by? Then rinsing out the saltwater from your hair regularly is a good idea. Especially salt from seawater can cause a lot of damage when it sits on your hair too long. Add heat from the sun to the mix and you’ve got a perfect cocktail for hair damage.

5. Wear a hat or scarf
Without a braid in your hair, the chances of damage by salt, sun and tangles is greater. Provide in some protection by wearing a hat or scarf. Both stylish and healthy for your hair.

6. Upgrade your shampoo and conditioner routine
What a great day at the beach you’ve had! But your hair has endured a lot. The quicker you remove built-up dirt and salt, the better. Choose an extra nourishing shampoo and conditioner to restore any loss of moisture, plus hair masks and oils are a necessity in summer. Our tip? Pre-treat your hair with a mask or oil before washing your hair and leave for fifteen minutes. Wash as usual and use a conditioner - like you would normally do - afterwards. Hello super nourished, soft and shiny locks!
Shampoos en conditioners
hair masks, serums and oils
7. Avoid other forms of heating as much as possible
Hair and excessive heat are a bad combination. In summertime, your hair is under continuous stress by the heat of the sun so it’s smart to avoid all other forms of (extra) heating - like from straightening irons, curling irons and blow dryers - as much as possible. Leave to air dry more often during summer months for instance.

8. More, more, more…water!
Last on our list but this is in fact rule number one: drink plenty of water - all day long! This doesn’t only maintain your skin’s moisture balance but also that of your hair. This goes for all seasons of the year, but especially in summertime, moisture evaporates from your skin and hair even quicker. Thus, the more important it is to replenish continuously.
Extra hydration for skin and hair
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