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6 tips to prolong your golden holiday skin

Welcome home! You’ve just returned from your lovely getaway and have beautifully tanned skin to prove it. Your skin looks glowy, relaxed and healthy because of all those hours spent in the sun. But once home, your tanned skin can lose its shine quite quickly. With some small adjustments, it’s possible to prolong the effects of your holiday. Discover our 6 tips, to enjoy your golden brown skin for as long as you can. 

1. Hydrate from the inside and out
This is truly the most important tip, when it comes to maintaining healthy skin all year round and preventing premature aging - because your skin needs lots of hydration. And your skin needs extra replenishing when moisture has vaporized from exposure to sun heat. Maintaining hydrated skin can be done in different ways: drink plenty of water (2 liters a day), use a rich amount of lotion or oil on a daily base and choose soap-free products for the shower or bath. Soap dries out the skin which will make your brown color disappear more rapidly.
2. Exfoliate smartly
Dead skin cells leave your skin looking dull and when you start tanning on a layer of dead cells, your golden glow will be gone before you know it. So, exfoliate extra well before you go into the sun so that your tan develops on new skin cells. Back from holiday? Then exfoliate with care! Exfoliate very mildly once a week to maintain healthy looking skin, without rubbing off your tan. Glowy skin enhances your tanned look.
3. Cold showers
This categorizes under making sure your skin doesn’t dry out and slow down skin renewal. The hotter the water, the dryer the skin - your skin is left looking dry, dull and flakey. So turndown the temperature when you shower or bathe and shorten the time. Extra benefit: taking cold showers improves your skin’s elasticity. 

4. Wear white
This trick isn’t new, but still works wonders! Create more contrast by wearing light colors - particularly white works really well. White automatically creates a fresh look - tanned skin and white clothes complement each other perfectly. 
5. More outdoors
UV-rays are always present, even on cloudy days. Spending lots of time outside doesn’t just give you an extra oxygen boost, it’s also a perfect way to prolong tanned skin. Tip: use an SPF on your face all year round to prevent wrinkles.
6. Fake it
An industry that’s rocketed sky high in the past years, is the self-tanning industry. Self-tanning is hot and that’s great news, as it has resulted in better products that can even nourish the skin - if you use the right products of course. Read more about the different options you have in self-tanning by reading our blog ‘When do you go for which self-tanning product? Choose from these 5 categories.’ Or go straight to our online shop with high-quality self-tanning products.
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