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5 scarves you can’t do without

Never underestimate the power of accessorizing. And when we look at the season ahead of us, the scarf is the accessory to have. When you zoom in on scarves, you’ll discover that there’s still plenty of variation within this category. And every type of scarf has a different effect on your looks. Take a look at our top 5 scarves every woman should own and discover the differences in effect.

1. The wrap-around scarf
Ultimately cozy, ultra-feminine and perfect for a subtle bohemian touch. The wrap-around scarf works well as an extra insulating layer worn over outerwear, is perfect to cozy up in on the sofa but is also an ideal replacement for your jacket with warm fall weather. So versatile, that you’ll want to own various versions in different colors.
2. The printed scarf
If basic looks with a timeless feel are your thing, then owning several statement-printed scarves is the ideal addition to switch things up effortlessly. Create versatility with prints and colors in your collection to make a different statement every time.
3. The delicate scarf
For a more modest approach, the lightweight scarf is your ideal accessory. The delicateness is subtle and the drapey character is perfect for adding extra femininity to your outfit. Choose timeless plain colors or opt for a modest color effect.

4. The oversized scarf

If we had to choose one type of scarf to label as an investment piece, then it would be the oversized scarf - and preferably an extra-long version. Extra long, extra wide or extra chunky - they all add to the character of an oversized scarf. The most appealing feature of this type of scarf is versatility; the generous size enables you to wear the scarf wrapped around your neck several times for a dramatic effect or draped over your shoulders for nonchalant appeal.


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5. The classic wool scarf
Timeless and multi-purpose; the classic wool scarf is more versatile then you might think and adds an instant sense of timelessness to your looks. Also, perfect to wear wrapped around your neck all day long as an extension of a sweater, cardigan or other top garment. Opt for a cashmere version for extra luxury.
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