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4 easy ways to add a casual twist to your office look

Looking for ways to add a casual twist to your office looks isn’t that hard. It’s simply a case of embracing different styling options. And different styling doesn’t instantly mean you have to go radically different. Start with replacing one or two items of your outfit and find out what feels comfortable for you. To get you on the right track, quickly discover our 4 easy ways to add a casual twist to your business look. 
1. Classic blouse or basic T-shirt?
Easy peasy! This method is low-key and easy to apply. Even this simple change creates plenty of possibilities: opt for a basic t-shirt or long sleeve for a casual look or try a turtleneck T-shirt or turtleneck sweater for a more chic impact - or even try a statement T-shirt for an on-trend twist.
With a basic T-shirt
2. Classic blazer or casual cardigan?
Imagine a classic blouse and classic pants topped off with a stylish cardigan instead of a blazer, for a less strict effect. We love ankle-length cardigans for an on-trend silhouette or opt for a hip-length or mid-length cardigan for a more classic approach.
With a casual cardigan
3. Business pants or casual pants?
You can never go wrong with classic pants but try to switch it up with cropped pants, flared pants or pants that offer another unique twist for creating a different look every time. You’ll discover that there’s plenty to play around with when it comes to office looks.
With casual pants
4. Classic pumps or sporty sneakers?
Opt for the ultimate finishing touch with classic pumps or if you want to try a different approach, try to complement your suit with sneakers. Create a modern contrast with a fresh white pair worn with a dark suit. Looking for a more minimalistic look? Then create a tonal effect with sneakers in a similar color as your suit.
With sporty sneakers
5. Plain fabric or playful pattern?
A dark suit with a crispy white blouse is the ultimate combination but also the safest. Try experimenting with prints. The most low-key way is to add a printed scarf or blouse - or try stepping out of your comfort zone with an entirely patterned suit. You can also opt for an in-between look by wearing a patterned blazer for instance.
With a playful pattern

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