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4 must-know tips for the best beauty sleep

Cocooning at home is continuing a little longer. But no worries, these must-know beauty tips will save you from boredom and help you create a new favorite before-bedtime beauty routine that will not only lift your good night’s rest to new heights but also your beauty sleep. Quickly read on and discover our simple yet effective tips to let your hair and skin do all the hard work while you’re enjoying your sleep.

Let’s start with the advantages of an elaborate before-bedtime beauty routine:
- Giving yourself some well-deserved attention instead of spending it on other things - that might involve screens - is a relaxing way to spend your time. It’s a perfect way to mentally prepare for some sweet dreaming.
- While sleeping, you’ll be in total rest mode but the cells of your skin and hair will be working hard to recover from the day. The time frame just before going to bed is perfect for giving your body an extra hand with recovering - it’s as simple as picking up some new beauty habits. The result: the best beauty sleep ever!
1. Pamper your hair
Dry, out-of-control hair, split ends or an irritated scalp - every woman is familiar with the down sides of distressed hair that can lead to that much hated ‘bad hair day’. Our advice: prevention is better than cure. And the perfect way to do so, is by applying a natural oil and giving it all night long to nourish your hair and scalp. Gently massage an oil of choice into the scalp and lengths of your hair before going to bed and don’t forget to place a clean and soft towel over your pillow before letting your head to rest. The next morning, wash and style your hair like you would normally do. You’ll instantly notice the difference and can probably postpone going to the salon a little bit longer.
Pamper your hair
2. Pamper your face
Without noticing, free radicals damage our delicate facial skin all day resulting in irritation, flaking and inflammation (read: break outs) - which can all lead to premature aging of the skin. Even the more important to give your face some extra love with overnight serums and treatments.
Pamper your face
3. Pamper your lips
Often a forgotten piece of skin: our lips. But think of all the moving your mouth does during the day with talking, eating and drinking alone - and that’s without holding the exposure to free radicals, like the rest of our face, into account. No wonder your lips show their stress by chapping, dryness and dullness. With a few super simple habits, you’ll from now on give your lips the attention they deserve.

Step 1: every time after brushing your teeth, use a clean and damp toothbrush to gently massage your lips in small circular motions. With this trick, you’ll not only remove dead skin cells, but you’ll also stimulate blood circulation, which shows by your lips turning a lovely pink color. Keep it short and exfoliate gently, the skin of the lips is delicate.
Step 2: after exfoliating, your lips are perfectly prepped for extra nourishment. Use a hydrating lip balm and if you’re going outside don’t forget to also apply SPF on your lips. Have you discovered the lip balms with SPF and a hint of color from COOLA yet? Want to give your lips some occasional extra pampering? Try using a special sheet mask.
Pamper your lips
4. Up your beauty routine experience
Give your evenings and beauty routine a boost by creating the right setting; put on your favorite music, light a scented candle or reach for some fragrance sticks and make yourself a comforting cup of tea. With these little kind gestures to yourself, you’ll recreate a spa feel at home and will enjoy your special me-time even more. An after, when you’re feeling all zen and are ready to sleep, add the finishing touch with a relaxing pillow spray.
Home spa ambiance
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