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Finding the perfect pair of jeans is still impossible for many women out there. Common problems such as having too much room at the waist, not enough room at the thighs or the existence of annoying ‘love handles’ can all be sources of frustration. Did you know that small differences in stitching, washings or the placement of the pockets can make a big difference? If you know what factors to keep in mind, finding the perfect pair of jeans - even online! - can be quite simple.

Requirement Package
A suitable pair of jeans for your body type should at least meet the following requirements: it doesn’t cut into your hips, doesn’t create extra love handles, fits comfortably, hugs your body in the right way and gives you a sleek, slim silhouette. You don’t have to constantly ‘pull’ at your jeans to keep it in the right model and - not unimportant - it has the right length; not too long but definitely not too short. In a great pair of jeans there is a little bit of stretch, this makes sure that the jeans fit perfectly around your body.

Types & Sizes
When looking for a pair of jeans it is important to keep in mind what type of jeans you’re actually looking for. Do you want to wear it casually or also for the office? What do you plan to combine the jeans with? Depending on these decisions you can decide whether you want jeans in - for instance - a dark or light washing or whether you want little or a lot of details. In terms of washings, everything is possible these days: from extremely bleached with spots to the so called ‘raw ’denims with the clean look. Choose the look that suits your personal style.

The right jeans
The jeans have the right size if it doesn’t take too much effort to put them on. Have you slide into them smoothly and they should be comfortable to wear, never too tight. Try your jeans on with shoes you’d like to wear with them, this way you can determine whether the jeans are too long or too short. A pair of jeans that reach a little over your shoes make your legs look longer and make you look slimmer. So make sure the jeans are never too short! Do you want to wear your jeans with heels as well as flats? Try rolling up the legs so that you can determine whether it looks good or not. If not, try a different model.

Check - check- double check
Do you feel like you’ve found the right jeans? Complete the following checklist:

-Make sure the washing is flattering for you (the bleach spots should be located on body parts you’d like to accentuate, such as your beautiful legs or buttocks)

-Don’t forget to look at the backside: are the jeans high enough? Do your underwear show when you sit down? Are the pockets in the right place?

-Do the jeans give you a slimmer and sleeker silhouette?

If you can answer these three questions with a yes, then you’ve found the perfect pair of jeans! Our tip: immediately buy more jeans in this model. This may seem a bit extreme but it’ll save you time when the old ones has worn out. You can easily create a complete new look with the same jeans by adding items and accessories.


Skinny Jeans
Beautiful with a narrow waist, slim legs and straight figures. Suitable for the 8-line, the H-line, and the O-line. The clean silhouette of this model gives it endless styling options: mix and match it with your entire wardrobe.

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Straight Leg Jeans
The straight leg jeans fit many body types and looks best with a good pair of heels beneath it. Choose, for example, for wedges or ankle boots. Suitable for round or straight A-lines, V-line and D-line. Pay attention to the fact that there should be enough space at the thighs and hips for A-liners.

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Flared Jeans
These jeans, with its origins in the 70’s, have extremely wide legs. The leg of the jeans can be fitted to the knee and from there it can be very wide or it can have a wide silhouette from the hips onwards. If you have large breasts these jeans can put your body back into proportion. Vey skinny women....

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High Waist Jeans
These jeans with a high waist line make your legs look longer and is therefore suitable for anyone with shorter legs. Suitable for straight and curved A-line if the difference between the waist and hips isn’t too large. Also suitable for the H-line if the jeans are narrower at the bottom. It gives your body more...

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Low Waist Jeans
Jeans with a low waist are comfortable because they don’t cut into your waist. Do you have long legs and a shorter torso? Then these jeans with low waist are perfect for you; it makes your legs optically longer and brings your body back in balance.

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Cropped Jeans
Cropped jeans end at about calf length of just above the ankle. These jeans are a spicy little number but can are cause your legs to look shorter, especially with wider models. In order to prevent this from happening try combining these jeans with a high heel. The 7/8th model is perfect for the O-line and...

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Boyfriend/Girlfriend Jeans
A pair of boyfriend jeans have a tough look and fits comfortably. It can also be styled in a feminine way with rolled up legs and a pair of pumps beneath it. Combine with a fitted top to avoid a messy silhouette. These type of jeans are suitable for women with rounded buttocks and long legs: Your legs...

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