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Not satisfied with your breasts, buttocks, abdomen or legs? Always having a hard time finding the right pair of pants, do you only see those love handles in a dress or do you not understand why tops with high collars don’t look right on you? It all has to do with choosing the right type of clothes for your figure. Each ‘figure problem’ can be solved by shifting accents and camouflaging downsides.


Long neck
A long neck is actually very beautiful and elegant. Still not happy with your ballerina neck? Make sure that your neckline doesn’t show too much bare skin, this only makes your neck even look longer. Long necklaces and short haircuts aren’t very charming on you either. What will look very nice...

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Short neck
Do you think your neck is too short? Try avoiding high collars, lots of jewellery, scarfs and long haircuts. Showing more skin, a deep V-neckline or scoop neckline and a short haircut optically give you a longer neck. That’s how easy it can be!

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Broad shoulders
Choose bat or raglan sleeves, bare shoulders and deep as well as narrow V-necks. The last two break the broad shoulder line. Stay away from shoulder pads, epaulettes, puffed sleeves and scoop or shallow necklines.

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Sloping or narrow shoulders
Avoid raglan and bat sleeves, bare shoulders and deep and narrow V-necks. Choose shoulder pads, epaulettes, puffed sleeves and a boat neck or shallow neckline.

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Fuller arms
Always make sure that your sleeves are not too tight. Choose rather for a little too loose than a little too tight.
Puffed sleeves, cap sleeves, and sleeveless tops are not your friend. Instead of those choose tops with loose, wide sleeves and half or long sleeves.

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Small breasts
Although small breasts look very beautiful in a lot of garments, there are certain ways to give them a little bit more volume. Additional details at the height of your bust are stunning, try ruffles, pockets, prints or sequins for example. Try to avoid necklines that are too open or tops and shirts...

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Big breasts
Give the top some ‘air’: open necklines, a deep V-neck and loosely draped tops are perfect for your figure. Wrap tops and cardigans divide your bust and this is what makes them flattering on you. High necklines, details at the height of your breasts and skirts with a high waist are the less smart choice...

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Choose tops that have an accent on the side, for example, a striking closure. Pants and skirts with light pleats and tops that loosely fall along your curves will hide your love handles. Fabrics that cling to your body, tight tops and wide belts are less attractive...

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Wide hips
Balance out your wide hips by putting the emphasis on your shoulders with epaulettes or shoulder pads. All accents that you can put on your shoulders are great. Avoid pockets at hip height, hipsters, tight pants, skirts and pants with outstanding pleats and clingy fabrics. Pants and skirts with a...

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Flat buttocks
Add more volume by choosing peplum tops, catchy pockets, details at the back and heavy fabrics. Clingy fabrics, fitted skirts and pants optically make your buttocks flatter...

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Full buttocks
Short jackets and shorts are not the best choice for you. Pants and skirts that loosely fall over your behind and a blazer that reaches to your hips will look very nice.

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Full thighs
Full thighs can be difficult when buying a pair of pants. Choose pants that have stretch in them, you’ll notice that they’ll fit much more comfortably. Bring your fuller half in balance by putting the emphasis on your shoulders with epaulettes and shoulder pads. When choosing jackets and tops...

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Short legs
Heels will give your body more length and will make sure you walk upright. Make sure your pants always reach a little over your shoes. Pants that are too short make your legs optically shorter. Turned over legs, boyfriend jeans and hipsters a less flattering. Your legs will look longer if you...

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Long legs
Choose long cardigans, tunics, pants and skirts with a low waistline. Pumps with fine heels look beautiful with long and slim legs. A pair of pants or a skirt and shoes in the same color will give you even more length optically, so make sure there is contrast in colors at the bottom...

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Full legs
A pair of straight cut pants will make your legs look slimmer. A pressed crease at the centre of the leg is also a very flattering look due to the line being vertical. Choose dark colors at the bottom. Delicate shoes are less charming and light colors aren’t the best choice either.

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