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Putting together a perfect wardrobe is only possible if you know where to find clothing that will fit your body type well. Style and fashion are two different things. Style is timeless, fashion is not. Clothing is like a second skin and could magically accentuate your body’s strong points. If you know what body type you have, you can emphasize your strong points and camouflage your weak points.

Your style is determined by:
  1. Silhouette of the body. Is your silhouette straight or curvy? Which parts of the body do you want to accentuate, and which do you prefer to hide?
  2. Proportions. Are your proportions well balanced? How are your shoulders compared to your hips? What about the proportions between your upper body and lower body?
  3. Body height and bone structure. Are you tall, average or short? Do you have a fine or heavy bone structure?
  4. Personal style. Do you prefer a classic, sporty, casual, romantic, business or fashion-forward fashion style?

Fashion is a term that is used to describe a popular style or practise especially in terms of clothing and footwear. Fashion will be influenced by many social attitudes and will reflect popular opinion and preference. It will vary depending on what is current in popular culture and will be influenced by things such as music, film and art. For this reason, fashion will change every few months or years before being replaced by another fashion trend. That is why we like to pay attention to wardrobe essentials at Perfectly Basics: they are the building blocks to a solid and functional style. These garments are simple, versatile and can be worn with almost anything, at any time of the year. And if you find the styles that matches your body type you will enjoy your wardrobe even more!

Discover which body type you are and learn more about the characteristics of the six body types - and get-to-know the fashion styles that match your body type.

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The shoulders and hips of the H-line body type are well balanced. This body type features a slightly undefined waist and has a straight silhouette. The H-line often has beautiful long legs and more weight around the waist. This body type is characterized by straight lines and an athletic posture.

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The V-line is characterized by shoulders that are wider than the hips. This athletic body type often has beautiful long, slim legs and can have a more muscular upper body. To balance the body, you must optically widen the bottom half of the body.

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A-line Straight
A woman with an A-line figure has wider hips than shoulders. The torso is average to long and she has a fine bone structure. The shoulders are angular, the hips are wide and straight, the waist is small and the belly is relatively flat.

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A-Line Round
The A-line Round has wider hips than shoulders. This body type is characterized by round shapes. A woman with a pear-shaped silhouette often has a longer upper body, a defined waist and round hips and thighs.

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The hourglass body is often seen as the ideal silhouette: the hips and shoulders are perfectly in balance and this shape shows a super feminine waist. The body is well proportioned with soft and round lines. This body type often has beautiful legs, round breasts and a defined waist.

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The O-line is a round and voluptuous body type – this body type has a lot of weight between the shoulders and hips. The O-line is characterized by a belly, a fuller back and beautiful slim legs. The breasts are full and the hips can be wider than the shoulders.

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