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Body Shapes
Putting together a perfect wardrobe is only possible if you know where to find clothing that will fit your body type well. Style and fashion are two different things. Style is timeless, fashion is not. Clothing is like a second skin and could magically accentuate your body’s strong points. If you...

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Figure problems and Solutions
Not satisfied with your breasts, buttocks, abdomen or legs? Always having a hard time finding the right pair of pants, do you only see those love handles in a dress or do you not understand why tops with high collars don’t look right on you? It all has to do with choosing the right type of clothes..

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Choose the right bra
Approximately 80% of all women seem to be wearing the wrong bra size, that is 8 out of 10 to be exact. Women who think that they maintain the same size bra are wrong too; your size changes at least 6 times during your lifetime! Your body changes when you lose weight or when you gain...

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The Perfect Jeans
Finding the perfect pair of jeans is still impossible for many women out there. Common problems such as having too much room at the waist, not enough room at the thighs or the existence of annoying ‘love handles’ can all be sources of frustration. Did you know that small differences in stitching....

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