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Plein Publique

Plein Publique - classic meets modern. At Plein Publique, the focus is concentrated on the Breton stripe, combined with contemporary design. The timeless soft merino pullovers from Plein Publique are a high-quality base for the unmistakable French dessin in off-white, black and navy color combinations. The Plein Publique collection at PB brings just that - timeless and iconic styles for the modern, no-nonsense woman.

Plein Publique online shop

With a lot of enthusiasm, the Plein Publique team works around the clock to perfect the iconic Breton stripe - the old timer amongst the wardrobe classics! The Breton stripe has become an indispensable part of fashion over time. In our Plein Publique online shop, you'll find modern and timeless pieces featuring the well-known pattern. Check out our Plein Publique online shop to give your wardrobe an instant style update.

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