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Eye-wear for every day that puts a smile on your face - that's IZIPIZI's mission. The French brand has positioned itself in a unique niche where practical and outstanding design come together in an affordable package. There's an IZIPIZI to be found for every look - and not just any glasses: reading glasses, sunglasses, glasses with bendable frames that can withstand a bump here and there - IZIPIZI offers what you're looking for. Good to know: IZIPIZI designs are unisex! Quickly check out this collection of must-haves in trendy designs and colors and own a different pair of glasses for every look and mood.

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With a flying start, IZIPIZI has been working their way up successfully since 2010. The French brand merely focusses on glasses - the fashion accessory that can make an indelible first impression. IZIPIZI promises no limits taste wise - a different matching pair for every look! In our IZIPIZI online shop, Perfectly Basics offers a varied range of trendy styles. Quickly go to the IZIPIZI online shop to instantly expand your collection of eye-wear.
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