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Catering right to your doorstep
08 May 2012

The Laundress | Woolmark
Top Tip | Woolmark logo for The Laundress
06 maart 2014
The days when caring for your woollen garments were a difficult and time consuming process are finally gone! The Wool & Cashmere Shampoo from ...
New at Perfectly Basics: Granny’s Finest
03 februari 2014
Knitwear from Granny’s Finest. All scarfs, hats and cowls from the brand are knitted by grandmas in a nursing home. The goal from the Dutch brand is...
23 oktober 2013
The ‘Little Black Dress’, the Chanel suit and Chanel No. 5 – all still part of today’s universal fashion vocabulary. The designs of Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel (1883-1971) revolutionised the way...
11 september 2013
Capture twilight inspiration, or do you simply want to have a place to jot your to-do list or shopping list? This notebook from Sloane Stationery can hold many great things and is...
Tip: Lxrylife.nl
17 juni 2013
These days we are bombarded with blogs related to fashion, design and lifestyle. Interesting, inspiring and indulging! But it takes time to read all these different blogs and we’ve found the ultimate solution: lxrylife.nl.
14 juni 2013
The June issue of HRLM Magazine is out and this time we chose the theme: Summer Holidays. Sizzling sun, endless boulevards and relaxing at the beach or near the pool with a cocktail. To perfectly..
Sneakers get dirty
14 mei 2013
'Shoes keep it clean, sneakers get dirty' is the new slogan of the world famous sneaker brand Converse. We all agree that All-Stars gain character by wearing them off. Are your sneakers dirty?
Pistachio ice-cream recipe | Closed
26 april 2013
Closed wouldn’t be Closed without a special introduction to the surprising color palette of denim...
PB Loves taschen
08 april 2013
It’s time to give your bookshelves the big spring clean-up they deserve. Put aside those dusty books and make place for the beautiful Taschen Fashion Books! These books are full of inspiring stories of...
And the winners are...
02 april 2013
Today, we're thrilled to announce the winners of our ‘Find the Golden Egg competition’. The two lucky winners of the € 500, - shopping credit are: Astrid Lumeij en Karolien Callens. Enjoy shopping at...
WIN! € 500,- shopping credit
22 maart 2013
Easter is around the corner and we obviously won’t let it pass unnoticed. We give away two amazing shopping credits of € 500,-. From Monday, March 25th to Monday, April 1st you may try to find the golden Easter egg...
International Women's Day
07 maart 2013
Today we celebrate International Women’s Day, a day highlighting solidarity and militancy of women around the world. Late 19th century and all throughout the 20th century, women started standing up for their rights...
A dash of fash in your kitchen
06 maart 2013
After many years of great collaboration between Swedisch fashion brand Filippa K and renowned renowned Swedish crockery company Rörstrand a wonderfull collection of porcelain cups appears. The collection consists of...
01 maart 2013
A compliment, something that makes everyone happy! Today is national compliment day. This is the day that you can unabashedly give compliments and, even better, receive them. Wear clothing that suit your...
Pamper And Get Pampered
12 februari 2013
It's that time of year again, Valentine is coming our way. You want to treat either a special person in your life or your secret crush. Or maybe you just want to pamper yourself for a change? This is the...
February 8th 2013, Warm Sweater Day
07 februari 2013
Tomorrow is the day we give our climate an extra moment of thought. With Warme Truiendag (Warm Sweater Day) we celebrate Kyoto-Protocol’s b-day. This protocol stands for reducing...
Online shopping: color display
23 januari 2013
A lot of people find it hard to choose a color when they shop online. Although we always do our very best to show the colors as true-as-life as possible, they can be noticeably different on each monitor.
22 januari 2013
He is beautiful, smart, know’s how it’s done and has a great bucket list! Creat a club hit, go to Sydney, go bungee jumping. Besides all that he always wanted to create his own cook book. We’re talking...
Congratulations ladies!
21 januari 2013
After some toing and froing we finally decided to give away two Fab40 Goodieboxes. One via Facebook and the other via our own blog. The two happy winners are...
WIN a FAB40 Goodiebox
18 januari 2013
You are just as fabulous as the Fab40! That’s why you can make yourself a candidate in de race to winning a Fab40 Goodiebox. All you have to do is like our Facebook page and...
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