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When to wear which tights - the do’s and don’ts!

Tights, you love them or you hate them! In fashion, there are women who never wear tights and go out in bare legs - even in winter. But don’t underestimate the grand effect of this small piece of garment: tights can add a little bit of warmth, elongate your legs and complement your look. And what about shaping tights for a streamlined figure, ultra-sheer nude tights for a perfect ‘bare-but-better look’ and fantasy tights to upgrade your look - and don’t forget stay-ups for a sexy touch. 

It's all about balance
When you choose a pair of tights, it’s all about balance: the amount of bare skin and the thickness of the tights should be in proportion. Three examples:  
- Don’t wear opaque tights with a sleeveless mini dress, because this dress shows a lot of skin and opaque tights will look heavy in combination with this dress style.  
- Don’t pair a woolen long-sleeve dress with ‘bare look’ tights, because a woolen dress is warm, cozy and has a certain density that doesn’t match the sheer appearance of ‘bare look’ tights.  
- Shaping tights are perfect for correcting your belly pouch, buttocks and legs, but if you pair these tights with an oversized maxi-dress the shaping effect is useless.  
Keep in mind to always match the type of tights to the occasion. Again, two examples: 
- Don’t pair fantasy tights with a tailored skirt suit, because you want to look professional. Fantasy tights add a certain amount of playfulness and are a mismatch with a smart look. 
- Don’t wear stay-up tights under a linen dress, because linen is the ultimate summer material that doesn’t need tights. Also, the style of stay-up tights doesn’t match the casual feel of linen.  
Know your body shape to perfectly accentuate and flatter your legs. Check out the different body types and their characteristics here! And last, but not least: match a pair of tights to the material and silhouette of the dress or skirt for the best wow effect! Think a warm woolen dress with stockings and a chic evening dress with ultra-sheer tights.  
From tights and stockings to stay-up tights  
Discover the different types of tights and choose the right tights or stockings for the occasion, the outfit and your body type.  
1. Tights 
Find the perfect tights for every occasion - from super sheer 15 denier to opaque tights in 100 denier. 
- Match the color of your tights with your shoes to elongate your legs. 
- Choose opaque tights for a slimming effect. 
- Go for a neutral color and a neutral texture with a matte finish for smart looks. 

2. Stockings  
Add warmth and style to your look with our stockings - made of warm and comfortable merino wool, cotton and cashmere.  
- Match the color of your stockings with your shoes to elongate your legs. 
- Choose stockings for a slimming effect. 
3. Shaping tights  
Accentuate your curves in the best possible way and go for a streamlined figure with our shaping tights.  
- Match the color of your shaping tights with your shoes to elongate your legs. 
- Go for a neutral color and a neutral texture with a matte finish for smart looks. 
 4. Nude colored ‘bare look’ tights  
Go for sun-kissed skin with our ‘bare look’ tights - these tights guarantee a tanned look and a gorgeous shimmer.  
- Match nude colored tights with your skin tone for a natural effect. 
- Want to combine open-toe shoes with tights? Choose a pair of toeless tights. 
5. Fantasy tights  
Upgrade your look with our fantasy tights - from netting tights to colored tights.  
- Make your legs look slimmer with a small print; the smaller the print, the thinner your legs will look. 
6. Stay-ups  
Stay-up tights are sexy and comfortable to wear - not only for special occasions but even on weekdays. Feel feminine and seductive! 
- Match the color of your stay-ups with your shoes to elongate your legs. 
- Go for a neutral color and a neutral texture with a matte finish for smart looks. 
General don'ts:   
Tights are not only perfect to add warmth but can also flatter and accentuate your figure in the best possible way. For the best effect, we have a few don’ts to keep in mind:  
- White or light-colored tights will make your legs look heavier; pair with a tonal outfit and shoes for a leg-lengthening effect.  
- Don’t pair dark tights with light colored shoes; it will make your legs look shorter.  
- If you don’t want to accentuate your legs, then stay away from tights with a shiny surface or a large print. 
- Don’t buy a pair of tights too small or too big. Know which size you need by always checking the size chart when available.  
- The color of your tights and clothes should work together and not clash - for the most stylish effect.  
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