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When do you go for which self-tanning product? Choose from these 5 categories

Self-tanning seems ideal, because the result is instant. You can even walk around with sun-kissed skin on rainy days and you can look tanned all year round without the sun damage. But starting out can be intimidating - so many options! And maybe there’s a level of fear for the result. We can imagine that the stress of choosing prevents you from starting at all. Too bad! Because the new generation of self-tanners don’t only create that much coveted subtle, naturally tanned look, but nourishing ingredients also create healthier skin. We’ll guide you through the wonderous world of self-tanners and will clear things up with 5 simple categories. Look for your category and quickly read on! 
1. I’m an unexperienced self-tanner and want to build it up slowly
What you’re looking for is 100% self-control when it comes to tanning. (Oil) drops are a perfect product to start out with - you simply add the preferred number of drops to your regular body lotion or moisturizer, they’re specially made to slowly build up color. Simply add 1 drop for a subtle color to 6 drops for a deeper color. Leave 2 to 3 days in between for gradual tanning.
100% controle over your tan

2. I want a sun-kissed look all year round

Then the most important thing is to choose products that give the same result every time, without taking up a lot of your time. The selection below offers nourishment and tanning in one product - optimum care and a steady result.

A steady tan result
3. I’m an experienced self-tanner who wants a deeply tanned color
In this case, choose products that instantly create a deep tan or customize yourself with drops by simply adding more drops to your body lotion or moisturizer.
For deeply tanned skin

4. I just got back from holiday and want to prolong my natural tan

What you want to do is to slowdown the fading process. These products enable you to slowly build-down or build-up a tan. Perfect for maintaining a tan in between holidays. Use instead of your regular body lotion to maintain your tan. Tip: The Gradual from TAN-LUXE is suitable for both face and body.

Slowly build your tan up or down

5. I have a special occasion tomorrow and want to look my best

Then go for ‘body makeup’ products. They color instantly, last for a long time but can also be washed-off with water and soap. Choose washable self-tanner for larger areas or highlight specific areas with a bronze highlighter. Want to go for a wow-effect? Then mix both! There’s plenty of room for experimenting because it can always be washed off. 

Instant result for special occassions
Follow our tips for the best result:
• Create a perfect blank canvas and scrub 24 hours before applying. Nourish the skin with a rich body lotion and moisturizer - pay extra attention to dry spots like elbows and heels. Preparing your skin is crucial!
• Don’t rinse your hands immediately after applying - to prevent that your hands look much lighter than your arms.
• Use a special tanning mitt for a more even result. This is not necessary with all tanning products, so always read the manual before use.
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