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Tips & Tricks to create a contrast in silhouette

The easiest way to create a trendy look? Mix-and-match contrasting silhouettes – with different lengths, fits and styles. Wear items solo or layered, play with mini and maxi, combine fitted with oversized or mix classic with contemporary. Next to combining fits, lengths and styles you can also add an ‘extra layer’ of accessories – think shoes that flatter the look and not only completes it. We will give you styling ideas, tips and advice on how to show your feminine figure in the best possible way, while wearing oversized looks. Read on below to learn more and create trendy contrasting styles.

2 Basic “rules” to combine fits, lengths or styles:
1. When you want to create a look it’s best to wear max. 3 colors in one outfit, including accessories. Three colors or tonal hues are perfect to create a chic balance. This season it’s also allowed to mix-and-match prints, patterns and colors altogether accentuate your personal style!
2. The most lightweight style should be your first layer and the most heavy style should be the final layer, worn as cover

Contrast: Fitted and Oversized

By combining contrasting fits it’s easy to create a fashion-forward silhouette – but it’s important to find the perfect balance. Oversized-on-oversized can be super stylish but isn’t always flattering. Fitted on fitted is perfect to show a feminine silhouette but isn’t always that comfortable. Combining fitted with oversized is the perfect match – it’s stylish, comfortable and fashionable all put into one look. Check our fitted styles Trend Report here or our oversized styles Trend Report here!
Tips & Tricks: 
- Wear a fitted base and layer under an oversized cover-up; best of both worlds to show a flattering shape 
- Balance an oversized base – think a dress or tunic top – with fitted bottoms – like skinny jeans or leggings 
- Cinch the waist to show an hourglass shape 
- Wear fitted tops tucked into loose-fit pants and vice versa to show your waist 
- Complement with heels to add extra length and create a slimmer look 
- Go for a fashion-forward (extra) oversized silhouette and take one or two sizes up 
Contrast: Lengths

Combining different lengths into one look is a stylish way to create a flattering outfit. You can combine mini with maxi, cropped with midi and long sleeves with short sleeves or for example a normal length sweater with a longer length T-shirt. It’s a chic choice to create a look with varying lengths in tonal hues or add dimension with a multicolored look.

Tips & Tricks: 

- Lengthen your upper body with longer tops 
- Lengthen your legs with tucked-in tops and blouses  
- Combine high-rise designs with cropped tops 
- Cropped pants shorten your legs; choose a high-rise design to lengthen your legs and wear with pumps to add extra height 
- Lengthen your upper body with a long scarf 
- Lengthen your legs with shoes and pants in similar colors  
- Go for slimmer looking legs and choose shoes that don’t “cut-off” your ankles; think pumps or over-the-knee boots


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Contrast: Classic Minimal and Contemporary 

You can also create a look with classic minimal pieces and contemporary styles – a mix of the 80/20 wardrobe. It’s the easiest to start with a classic minimal ór contemporary base and then add pieces from there. For example a turtleneck; this is a classic item that can be worn solo or layered and is a perfect alternative for a basic jersey style. Add clean-cut pants and wear a trendy cover-up; like a checked blouse. The coolest thing about combining styles from the 80/20 wardrobe: there’re no rules! While keeping the rules on combining with lengths and fits in mind, create your perfect look.

Tips & Tricks: 

- Mix-and-match materials for a trendy look  
- Combine your smart, casual and evening wardrobe for a new look; think your tailored suit with a loose-fit T-shirt and sneakers or an evening dress with a chunky knit 
- Shirts are a perfect layering style – wear open and layer over a silk lace top or add a belt at the waist 
- Mix-and-match uni colors with prints and patterns for a cool head-to-toe style 
- Add depth and dimension to a look and mix-and-match materials - but beware of looking bulky 
-  Balance chunky materials with fine and lightweight materials for a flattering shape 
- Combine smooth and textured/structured materials and combine basic materials – like jersey – with luxe materials, like silk or a jacquard pattern 
- Add extra layers to your favorite Summer styles and wear them all year round 

Do you want more advice about combining silhouettes? Send your questions to our Editors for personal advice.


Complementeer je look met trendy sneakers en een leren rugtas voor een stoere touch óf voeg een vleugje glamour toe met hoge hakken en een opvallende clutch. Wat je ook kiest, zorg ervoor dat je je er goed bij voelt!


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