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The 8 best spots to apply luminizer and why

Mimicking a healthy glow, as if you’re constantly being lit by a halo. Years back, it was only professional make-up artists who used highlighting techniques but since a while, there’s plenty of possibilities to achieve this effect yourself – with luminizers. Applying luminizer isn’t difficult, but it’s crucial to know the right spots to apply this little bit of enlightenment. We’re revealing the 8 best spots on your body to apply luminizer, so that you’ll shine during the holiday season and all year around.

Let’s start at the beginning, with a few basic rules that will make your dive into the world of luminizers a lot more pleasant.
Rule number 1: only apply luminizer on areas that catch light naturally
Each face is different, so take a good look at yourself in the mirror – with good lighting – to see which areas are best for you. Above the cheekbones is an example.

Rule number 2: shop the right color luminizer for your skin tone. This will create the most natural looking and subtle effect.
For fair to light skin: choose a pearly beige luminizer.
For olive skin: go for caramel colors in your luminizer
For darker skin tones: choose golden apricot colors
How to apply luminizer
Highlighters are available in different versions; from powdery textures to fluids. A powder is best applied using a make-up brush, but with creamy or fluid luminizers, your fingers are a great tool. Using your fingers has the advantage of being able to pinpoint the right spot even better, because you can feel the shape of your bones. Whichever method you use, always apply a small amount at first and slowly build it up until you achieve the right effect. Tip: avoid powders if you have more mature skin, as they emphasize fine lines.
So here it comes – the eight best spots to apply luminizer:

1. The brow bones

This is the place right underneath your brow – only target the last half – from the highest point of the brow bow to the tip of the brow. Highlighting here will give the illusion of more depth and will add a subtle sparkle to your eyes. 

2. On the cheekbones
Highlighting your cheekbones will create a subtle contoured effect – as if your cheeks have been lifted slightly. The shine adds a healthy glow. 

3. On the nose 
Apply luminizer on the top of your nose bone until the tip and only target the bottom half. This will make the nose look slimmer.

4. On your cupid’s bow
What is your cupid’s bow? It’s that little V-shape in your upper lip. Apply a small amount on the rim of the bow for an optically fuller upper lip.

5. On the collarbones
Are you wearing a top or dress that reveals your collarbones? Then highlighting your collarbones is recommended. It adds a subtle sexy touch to your daily look. Suddenly, that everyday V-neck top doesn’t look so everyday anymore.

6. On the shoulders
Just like with your collarbones, luminizer on the shoulders adds elegant shine as a subtle eye-catcher. Apply highlighter on the round part of your shoulders.
7. On the wrists
A spot that you wouldn’t think of that quickly are your wrists. But if you have beautiful slender wrists, a subtle shine on the bone – at the side of your pinky finger – that always stands out a little, is a great way to emphasize your elegant wrists.
8. On the shins
If you have killer legs, that why not flaunt them with a bit of luminizer? Especially with a slit dress, highlighter on the shins can give the illusion of sexy, luscious legs. You can also choose a luminizer and bronzer in one for your legs, for a subtle tanned effect. It also works great for your arms.
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