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Party makeup for dummies – 5 simple tips even you can apply

The season for dressing up is upon us. Your outfit is ready and accessories have been selected. Have you thought of how to make your makeup festive? Party make-up is easier than it might seem. Our make-up artist Carla Rep shares 5 easy methods to give your daily makeup look a quick and festive boost. Quickly read on!

1. Frame your eyes
Turn your eyes into real eye-catchers with some fierce-looking eyeliner. Eyeliner optically creates bigger eyes – go for a ‘winged’ eyeliner to add festive appeal. It makes your look more dramatic and feminine. And that’s allowed for the holidays.
Tip 1: use a primer on your eyelids before applying eye make-up. This will make the effect last longer.
Tip 2: do you usually use an eyelash curler? Then curl before you apply eyeliner to prevent smudging. Use your lash curler first, followed by eyeliner and finish off with mascara.
Tip 3: it’s tempting to pull your eyelid to creating a straighter line but don’t. The skin around the eyes is delicate and pulling will do more harm than you might think.

2. Fiery lips
Create a kissable pout with a seductive deep pink or red lip. There’s a great color for every woman and it does plenty of good for your complexion - adding color to your lips gives you instant feminine appeal. For the holidays, choosing a popping hue is allowed but if you’re more the modest type, a gloss will look just as festive!

3. Matching nails

Matching the color of lips and nails used to be an unwritten beauty rule back in the days but has taken a back seat to make way for mixing and matching colors. For the holidays, we prefer the matchy-matchy style. It creates a bigger color impact and looks ever so stylish.

Tip 1: always use a base coat. It will make the nail polish attach better and prevents staining on your nails.
Tip 2: always use a top coat and remember to apply on the end edge of your nails as well. This will create a longer-lasting result and will provide extra protection against chipping.
Tip 3: dip your freshly polished nails into a bowl of icy-cold water to speed up the drying process. Apply a drop of cuticle oil afterwards – the thin layer of oil will create a smooth surface that will protect your polish better from accidental bumping and will leave your nails feeling nourished.


4. Subtle shine

 We could dedicate an entire blog to these: highlighters. And we did. Read our blog about the effect of luminizer right here. But we’ll give you a recap: highlighting adds an instantly chic and healthy glow to your look and is a perfect finishing touch for your festive makeup. Apply on the areas of your face that naturally catch light and blend well with your fingers. 
5. Choose what suits you best
The tips mentioned above can be applied all at once but pay attention to what feels good to you. For a more modest approach, choose one of the two options below:
Option 1: apply a striking color on lips and nails and go for natural-looking eyes.
Option 2: opt for outspoken eyes with a nude color on your lips and nails.
It all depends on the way you like it.
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