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Currently our favorite trend: Athleisure

Pretty word: athleisure. Don’t you think? This chic combination between athletic and leisure summarizes the growing interest in casual looks with evident sporty influences - which includes wearing actual gym clothes for your daily attire. Quickly read on to learn more and get inspired by our Athleisure looks
image with artdirection
image with artdirection

For a while now, we’re seeing more and more overlap between exercise wear and casual wear. So, the fact that athleisure can be called a long-term trend by now is no surprise. Active wear brands seem to be offering more hybrid designs, that are great to mix with your daily wardrobe. Simultaneously, the need for a healthier lifestyle is growing explosively. For many people, wearing active wear as a part of their daily wardrobe, is a way to express their active lifestyle. And let’s be honest, it feels so comfortable to walk around in your super stretchy gym clothes and homewear all day. Who wouldn’t want that? We’re showing you how to add sporty elements to your looks in different ways. 

1. Sporty + casual approach
When you opt for a casual approach, you’ll create the ideal look for both in and out of your home, to feel comfortable in all day. Think denim jackets, a lovely oversized cashmere cardigan or team an active wear top with active wear inspired pants.
2. Sporty + high-fashion approach
The greater the contrast with your sporty base, the more high-fashion the look. Think sport leggings and an active wear crop top with a silk blouse draped over it and wear with pumps. Or choose a sporty look and complement with your finest boots, a long cashmere coat and a large leather tote. So stylish!
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