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Do you know the idea behind our Essential Styles?

With the arrival of our upgraded website, our Essential Styles shop-in-shop has been given a place in the spotlights. Why - and more importantly - what the benefits are for you, is explained in this blog. Our idea is that our Essentials Styles shop should assist you in creating your own timeless wardrobe. Quickly read on to discover more about our Essentials Styles. 

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What is an Essential Style?

The name says it all: an Essential Style is an item that’s a worthy addition to your wardrobe because of its timeless character that stays in style year after year. Different from a basic, an essential adds a more personal twist to your wardrobe, also contributing to your personal dress style. And of course, there’s some overlap, because high-quality basics are an important part of your essentials collection. But the term essentials covers a wider field; it also includes that timeless leather jacket that you never get bored with, that satin skirt that goes with everything and your favorite silk and lace top that you love wearing to the office with a suit as well as on weekends with a pair of jeans.

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Why are Essential Styles key?

For years now, our PB. philosophy has been that quality exceeds quantity; it’s better to invest in timeless, good-quality pieces then collecting throw-away items that you get fed-up with after just one season. Building a wardrobe to enjoy for many years, is our view on a sustainable wardrobe. So, we thought the time was right to highlight this way of thinking even more, in the shape of a special shop-in-shop concept. 

Good to know about our Essential Styles
What’s good to know about our Essential Styles shop, is that there are other factors that are held in account for an item to make the cut and become a part of our Essential Style selection. 

Our Essential Styles are available over several seasons because they’re the bestselling styles of our brands. The colors might change per season, but the style is available for multiple seasons and it remains in style year after year. 

Our Essential Styles can be re-ordered for several seasons. Please contact our Customer Service team. 

Our Essential Styles are timeless and therefore do not go on sale - only if a certain color is no longer produced by the brand.

Our Essential Styles can be recognized by the ‘infinity’ sign.  

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Our buying team about our Essential Styles:

Our team of buyers - consisting of Birgit and Tanja - curates the entire PB. collection and keeping this train of thought in mind is becoming an important part of the buying method.

Birgit: “We’re so in tune with PB.’s DNA, that buying essentials is almost done instinctively - with the ability to build a versatile and lasting wardrobe with our selection as an important aspect of course. Creating a perfect balance between essentials and stylish seasonal items is always the goal.”

Tanja: “Per brand, we always have a certain vision in mind, but it also has to line-up with our own story. Quality is leading. Next to that, a sense of timelessness plays an important role - especially with essentials.”

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