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How to: 3 x different print-on-print combinations

We all love prints! From a refined Breton striped print to an edgy animal print or a statement slogan print! This season’s must-have prints? Leopard prints, flower prints, checked prints ánd the all-time favorite: striped prints. And did we mention leopard prints? This season’s prints and patterns make a major fashion trend! You can go all-the-way and create a head-to-toe print look or add a subtle printed piece to your look. We love to make fashion statements, so we’re bringing 3 super stylish, mixed-print looks and giving you tips to create a print look that’s styled to perfection!  


Every woman needs an animal printed piece in her wardrobe – to emphasize your femininity and strength. This season, the leopard print is an absolute must! You can go all the way and create a head-to-toe leopard print outfit, but you can also create an eclectic look that’s built around this edgy print. Besides animal prints, we also love pieces with statement slogans, cool texts or fan T-shirts  – underline the edgy feel of an animal print with a rock ‘n roll T-shirt for a fierce touch.  
-  A leopard print has the ‘danger’ of coming off as a little tacky, but if you go for luxurious qualities – for example silk or cashmere – this will up your game and make your animal print look more luxurious.  
- Combine a leopard print with chic colors like black, off-white and dark grey and avoid too bright colors 
- Luxurious qualities and high-end design – like leather – upgrade leopard prints to a high-fashion level 
- In search of a more toned-down version of the animal print trend? Go for a pair of animal printed shoes ór go for a belt or small bag with this trendy print

Floral prints add a delicate touch to your look and accentuate your soft feminine side. Striped prints and patterns are chic, timeless and add a touch of Parisian flair to your look. Combine these two prints to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit repertoire. This season, the pinstripe makes a comeback – go for an entire pinstripe suit for a feminine power look with a trendy nineties feel. Accentuate floral prints with slouchy, soft and luxurious fabrics to emphasize the delicateness.  
- Vertical striped prints create a lengthening and slimming effect 
- Horizontal stripes are chic, but go for thin to medium stripes; a thicker stripe can make you look more bulky. Or balance to the thicker stripe with fitted garments.  
- A floral print can be a bit romantic; toughen-up with leather, denim, sneakers or sturdy boots or add a belt at the waist 
- Accentuate the luxurious feel of a floral print and go for a floral item in a jacquard knit or brocade fabric 


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Straight from the catwalk: checked prints – from gingham to tartan. This season you need-to-own a checked item - a checked print is timeless and chic and adds a touch of masculinity. From the classic check prints to diagonal checked patterns and prints with a small and large check dessin. Create a trendy outfit and mix-and-match different checks together – either in a tonal color palette or in a contrasting color palette, everything is allowed!  
- A large checked print can look a bit bulky; balance your outfit with a fitted piece or add a belt at the waist to accentuate your waistline.  
- Go for checked items with a vertical line in them; for a slimming and lengthening effect 
- Want to add a touch of glamour? Go for a check pattern with lurex yarns 
- Accentuate the classic and timeless feel of a check print with classic fabrics; think tweed and knits
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