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Have you discovered our renewed shop yet?

You might have noticed it already, but we’re officially called PB. now - otherwise, we’re staying true to Perfectly Basics. With the service that you’re used to but with a better shopping experience. Because launching a new name, should go together with a renewed website. We’re even taking it a step further - with a new shop-in-shop for instance - where it all revolves around Essential Styles. Quickly read on to discover what the benefits are for you.

New look
Besides a new and cleaner-looking design, we’re also using larger images that are of better quality. The benefits for you? Zoom in on a product photo and you’ll be surprised with what you’ll see; from the structure of the fabrics to the smallest details. We hope this will help you make better shop decisions.

Essential Styles shop
We believe in a durable wardrobe to enjoy for years. Investing in good-quality clothes and knowing how to care for them are essential. In our Essential Styles shop everything revolves around never-out-of-style items - in this shop you’ll find all the styles that we’ve loved for years and that stay in style season after season, without going on sale. Timeless styles for a timeless wardrobe filled with essentials! You’ll recognize these items through our new icon that’s inspired by the infinity symbol. And learning how to care for your clothes; you’ll find that information in our informative blogs. From caring for leather and cashmere to linen - we’ll guide you through every step.

To ensure a perfect maintenance kick-off, you’ll get a PB. mesh wash bag for free with your next order (as long as stock lasts). 
Mobile devices
Our lives increasingly take place online and more often when we’re on the move. That also goes for shopping. So, we’ve perfectly optimized the new website for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Your experience on the go will be just as good as it is at home behind your desktop.

Share your thoughts and ideas
Most of the changes have been implemented but we’ll be adding more new functionalities as we go. And of course, behind the scenes we never stop working on developing new ideas to make your shopping experience even better and more fun. Have you discovered something that doesn’t work perfectly, or do you have any suggestions? Let us know by sending a message to

But there’s more

We’re almost done - promise! To complete our story, here’s a compact summary of some other smaller changes we’ve implemented. But our advice? Just do a lot of clicking through our renewed PB. shop to experience it all yourself.

» Improved filtering options
» Larger imagery for improved zoom experience
» Easy swiping on touch screens
» Create multiple delivery addresses and save them in your account
» Select your size with more ease
» Customer service and account information is easier to find
» Our Shop the Looks page is now simply called Looks and has a more prominent spot
» Fixed fee of 7,95 euro for sending within Europe, plus free returns

Quickly go to our New page to the discover the latest styles in a renewed way.

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