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Next to running a succesful webshop for over 10 years, we thought it was about time to share our thoughts on perfecting your surroundings through music. Enter PerfectMoods - our very own online radio station with tunes for laidback moments and occasions.
From fluent jazz sounds to relaxing beach lounge - we're delighted to share our favorite tracks with you through PerfectMoods webradio. As Perfectly Basics' younger soul sister, PerfectMoods aims to recreate the similar atmosphere and softness that you're familiar with when browsing our shop. And it's completely commercial free! So let the music take you on a dreamy journey.

When we think of a place that translates the PerfectMoods atmosphere perfectly, Ibiza instantly comes to mind. For many years, this beautiful island has been one of our favorite holiday destinations to relax, rejuvenate and get inspired. Whether you're cruising the island by car, enjoying a nice meal or viewing a sunset accompanied by a fine glass of champagne - the unique selection we've made feels like a soft vale of easy-listening music in the background. 

Download de PerfectMoods Apple app voor Telefoon, TV en Watch en luister naar PerfectMoods waar je ook bent.

Download de PerfectMoods Android app voor Telefoon & Android TV en luister naar PerfectMoods waar je ook bent.

Vind ons via Sonos met de ingebouwde app - zoek simpelweg naar 'perfectmoods' via het zoekveld.

In vele nieuwe auto's wordt nu aangeboden door Apple Car Play. We zijn dus zelfs bij je als je onderweg bent!
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