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Looking for the best way to show off you figure and accentuate your best features? Then invest in pants and skirts that cover-up your problem areas to accentuate your best assets. We're bringing you style tips based on your body shape. Do you want to know what your shape is? Check out our Style Guide and find out if you're an H-line, V-line, A-line Straight, A-line Round, 8-Line our O-line. If you have any questions concerning your body shape - ask our Editors! Do you want to learn more about which pants or skirts suit your body type? Keep on reading! 


An H-line shape is defined by equal shoulders and hips. The legs are slender and the tummy and buttocks are slightly flat.. A woman with an H-line figure should choose straight lines in her clothing.

Pants: Go for a classic design, without or with minimal pleats. Straight-cut pants with a belt at the hips are perfect. A pattern or print is allowed, yet with vertical lines. Think of a small checked pattern.

Skirts: Straight-cut skirts are a perfect choice - knife pleats or stitched pleats are allowed. Do you have gorgeous legs? Wear a short skirt. Do you want to cover-up your legs? Go for a longer skirt.

Pants for H-lijn
Skirts for H-lijn
A V-line shape has wider shoulders than hips, a shorter torso, narrow hips, flatter buttocks, beautiful long slender legs and narrow, flat thighs. A woman with a V-line should go for vertical lines in her clothing.
Pants: A V-line can wear a lot of pants - with exception of too tailored pants. Jumpsuits and harem pants are perfect for a V-line shape. If you have a tummy go for subtle pleats at the front. Do you have large feet? Avoid skinny pants! Also, don't wear your top tucked into your pants.
Skirts: Go for straight-cut or slightly flared skirts with a short silhouette. Pleated skirts and skirts with a print or pattern are allowed. 
Pants for V-line
Skirts for V-line
A-line Straight
An A-line Straight has wider hips than shoulders, the upper body is middle to very long and finely built, the shoulders are angular and the hips are often flat and wider. A woman with an A-line Straight shape should look for balance in the shoulder and hips. 
Pants: Go for straight-cut pants in a plain design. Choose pants that fit perfectly at your hips and thighs. Avoid pants that accentuate the hips - think of large pockets, distressed details or other embellishments. 
Skirts: Go for straight-cut skirts that hit above or below the knee. Styles in a dark color without a print or pattern are the best choice. Stitched pleats are very flattering for an A-line Straight shape..
Pants for A-line Straight
Skirts for A-line Straight
A-line Round
An A-line Round shape has wider hips than shoulders, flatter ór just rounded buttocks, a slim waist and wider, round hips. A woman with an A-line round shape should go for round lines in her clothing. 
Pants: Go for straight-cut or bootcut pants in a stretchy material. Pants with a high-rise design are the best choice. Avoid prints and patterns and preferably choose a pants in a dark color. 
Skirts: Also choose a skirt with a high-rise design and with a straight-cut silhouette. Long, full skirts and maxi-skirts are also a good choice. 
Pants for A-line Round
Skirts for A-line Round
An 8-line shape has equal shoulders and hips, a slim waist, round hips and beautifully shaped legs. A woman with an 8-line shape should choose round lines in her clothes.
Pants: Avoid straight-cut, classic pants. Choose femininely designed pants with refined pleats. Bootcut, flared and tapered silhouettes are perfect for the 8-line shape.
Skirts: Go for pencil skirts, wrap skirts or flared skirts. Wide pleats are allowed, if the skirt is not too tight.
Pants for 8-line
An O-line shape has slightly narrower shoulders than hips, an undefined waist, round shoulders, round or flatter buttocks and beautiful slim legs. A woman with an O-line shape should choose rounded curves in clothing.
Pants: Taller women should go for slouchy, loose-fit pants and shorter women should go for straight-cut pants with an ankle-length. Also pant-skirts and tunics combined with skinny pants are allowed.
Skirts: Go for long skirts, pleated skirts and wrap skirts. Short skirts are also perfect.
Pants for O-line
Skirts for O-line
Do you need some personal advice on your body type? Contact our Editors!
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