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How to: What to wear to a job interview

What to wear to a job interview? We can give dozens of tips what NOT to wear to a job interview (and we will). But how do you dress for a job interview to make a flawless impression, without losing sight of your personal style? Read our Editor’s advice below and create a perfect look. In need of some extra or more personal advice from one of our Editors? Check out our Editors pages and don’t hesitate to send us your questions!
As said we can give you dozens of tips what not to wear to a job interview, so we’ve made a list for you. Always keep the corporate culture in mind – choose an outfit employees of the company will wear; but don’t forget to add a personal touch to it.
• Don’t go too overdressed or too casual
• Don’t wear a suit if it doesn’t match the corporate culture
• Don’t go for too flashy colors or loud prints
• Don’t wear heels if you can’t walk on them
• Don’t wear anything distressed or love-worn
• Don’t show too much skin
• Don’t wear (thick) materials that make you sweat
• Don’t wear logo styles
• Don’t wear garments with too many details
• Don’t wear excessive jewelry or other statement accessories
• Don’t wear lavish make-up
After the DON’TS we need a DO’S list. Not as easy as it sounds, because there’s no ready-made answer. But we can give you lots of tips.
• The most important thing is to wear an outfit that makes you feel confident and is a good representation of your personality.
• Go for an outfit that flatters your body type and choose timeless colors that accentuate your femininity – think dark blue combined with neutrals and a touch of red and pink – black, white and grey are always equally good choices.
• Choose garments in lightweight and supple qualities with a hint of luxe; think fine knit qualities, luxurious silks and boucle knits.
• Dare to show your feminine silhouette – yet in an elegant way and without showing too much skin.

Editor Bianca: “Always keep the corporate culture in mind. Don’t go for a tailored suit if the company has a creative or sporty DNA – in this case, go for a more casual approach. This also works the other way around of course. Not sure about the company’s guidelines? Create a timeless and flexible layered look: tailored pants teamed with a silk T-shirt and a blazer, for instance – if the company feels more casual when you arrive, it’s easy take off the blazer. The most important thing is that you feel powerful yet comfortable in your outfit.” 

Editor Marissa: “Choose an outfit that matches your personal style, despite the unwritten rule that you should always appear looking decent and neat at a job interview. Wear garments you’ll feel great in, and you’ll feel more confident.” 

Editor Joyce: “I think the best outfit to wear to a job interview consists of timeless classics, yet with a contemporary feel. If you want to wear a blazer, pair your blazer with a silk and lace top and slim-fit pants. If you want to wear denim, go for deep dark blue jeans and pair with a silk shirt. It’s all about balance and radiating confidence.” 

Do you need more outfit inspiration? Check out our Shop the Look pages and get inspired! Or ask our Editors to put the perfect outfit together for you. 

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