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How to: the smart-casual dress code

Dress codes are hated and loved. It's nice to know you have to create a look based on a theme, but it's also quite difficult. If you have to dress smart-casual it's all about finding the perfect balance between smart and casual. Think not too smart and not too casual. Everything is allowed, yet with a smart-casual style in mind.   
The SMART dress code 
Smart dressing is all about the classic wardrobe essentials. Think a tailored blazer, tailored pants, the classic white shirt and pointed pumps. Also the LBD, a cashmere cardigan, a turtleneck pullover, classic chinos and a cloak can be part of the smart wardrobe. A smart wardrobe is perfect to wear to the office. 
The CASUAL dress code  
Casual dressing is all about your leisure wardrobe. Think jersey T-shirts, loose-fit shirts and denim. Also relaxed pants, knitwear and sneakers are part of a casual wardrobe. A casual wardrobe is perfect to wear on off-duty days and on weekend days. 
The SMART-CASUAL dress code  
The smart-casual dress code is all about finding the right balance between smart and casual. Think a tailored blazer and pants in combination with a casual shirt and loafers. Or a tweed jacket paired with chinos with folded cuffs and strappy sandals with heels. You can also go for a cashmere sweater paired with a pleated skirt and classic pumps. Combine your classic essentials with your casual favorites, yet go for a clean and high-end chic look. Sneakers and denim are allowed, yet go for example for simple white sneakers and dark colored denim. Leave your worn sneakers and distressed denim at home. To make it easy hereby a few do's and don'ts: 
- Classic tailored styles in combination with jersey classics 
- Go for a classic silhouette - think preppy 
- Flat shoes are allowed; think - loafers, brogues, ballet flats ánd sneakers 
- Accessorize with simple, yet luxurious accessories in tonal hues 
- Keep it simple - classic prints and patterns in combination with classic styles 
- Love-worn denim, sneakers etc.  
- Over-the-top accessories 
- Too short skirts and dresses, too deep necklines, too high heels 
- Too much details, sparkles and studs

Need more information concerning a smart-casual look? Ask our Fashion Editors! Need more inspiration? Check our Shop the Looks pages. 

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