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How to: clean your blazer in 3 steps

We love easy-to-do ways to clean favorite things yourself and lengthen their lifespan. Especially when it comes down to clothes, the cleaning process needs to be soft for both the item and your skin. So we'd rather avoid the use of unnecessary chemicals. Together with The Laundress, we'll show you how to home clean and freshen-up your beloved blazer, without the extra costs of a drycleaner. Keep on reading! 

1. Testing and pre-treating
Determine if the item is suitable for home cleaning by treating an inconspicuous part with the Wash & Stain Bar or Stain Solution and a lint-free cloth from The Laundress. The item is NOT suitable for home cleaning if:
- The water or products leaves a stain or causes discoloration.
- The treated area becomes lighter and brighter than the rest of the fabric.
- The fabric starts to crinkle and wrinkle.

When your blazer is suitable, you can treat unwanted odors by spraying a solution consisting of three parts Scented Vinegar from The Laundress and one part water directly onto these areas. 
2. Wash by spot treating
Spot-treat only on the inside, on the lining!

Option 1: use the Wash & Stain Bar from The Laundress - this is perfect for treating hard stains and also removes unwanted odors. Think underarms, at the collar and cuffs. How? Wet the Wash & Stain Bar and work a lather into the affected areas. Leave in for a short while and carefully rinse with warm water.

Option 2: use the Stain Solution and a lint-free cloth from the Laundress to remove stains, odors and body oils from affected areas. How? Wet cloth with warm water and a small amount of Stain Solution and gently rub into areas. Carefully rinse with warm water and repeat this process if needed. Never use paper towel or a sponge as they can leave lint or other residues.


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3. Dry and freshen
Always hang to dry. A steamer is perfect for both removing wrinkles and providing general refreshment. Steam from the inside out on the lining. Use the Wool & Cashmere Spray from The Laundress to quickly freshen up in between wears. Hanging your blazer in the bathroom during a shower or hanging outside (keep out of direct sunlight!) also still works.

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