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How to: care for your black pieces in 8 steps
24 April 2017


Beauty & Care: 5 products that are surprisingly convenient to bring on holiday
01 juli 2018
What do you take with you when you go on holiday? We all have a list of must-haves that we take with us every time we go on holiday – no matter the destination. We’re sharing our holiday must-haves with you, with 5 Marie-Stella-Maris items that you probably haven’t thought of before.
Beauty: 7 tips for perfect self-tanned skin
16 maart 2018
With Spring on its way, we favor an instantly tanned skin so we can put on our skirts and short sleeve tops without giving it a thought. Skin with a naturally sun-kissed tint, that seems to glow from the inside like a warm ray of sun. All year round please!
How to: clean your blazer in 3 steps
13 februari 2018
We love easy-to-do ways to clean favorite things yourself and lengthen their lifespan. Especially when it comes down to cashmere, the cleaning process needs to be soft for both the item and your skin. So we’d rather avoid the use of unnecessary chemicals.
How to: care for your cashmere pieces in 3 easy do-at-home steps
05 februari 2018
Cashmere brings a feeling of luxury and softness. Not so surprising that cashmere has been popular for years amongst us ladies! Favorite cashmere pieces should be cleaned with love and care which doesn't always have to involve a trip to the dry cleaners.
Behind the Brand: Christophe Robin lauches new product
24 november 2017
A mild yet deep cleansing with more volume – what woman doesn’t want that? It’s possible with Christophe Robins newest hair sensation.
Behind the brand: Clean water for everyone with Marie-Stella-Maris
17 november 2017
New at PB and already one of our favorite brands: the Amsterdam-based lifestyle brand Marie-Stella-Maris! Founded by the philosophy that everyone around the world should have access to clean drinking water, Marie-Stella-Maris offers a variety of mineral waters, natural care products and luxurious home fragrances to make a contribution.
How to: rock-chic make-up for all ages
03 november 2017
In our last blog, make-up artist Carla Rep showed us how to create fresh looking basic make-up for mature skin and how a little extra effort can go a long way with striking eye make-up. In this blog we’re using the same base to create a third look: rock-chic.
How to: 2 easy make-up looks for mature skin
03 november 2017
Make-up can be your best friend but it can also work against you when you use the wrong techniques. Our make-up artist Carla Rep will take you into the world of mature skin make-up.
How to: 5-step plan for timeless beauty from the inside and out
31 oktober 2017
A mild yet deep cleansing with more volume – what woman doesn’t want that? It’s possible with Christophe Robins newest hair sensation.
Behind the Brand: Rahua unveils the secrets of Amazone beauty
07 september 2017
The answers to our burning beauty questions have now been found! Because Rahua’s rainforest grown beauty, as Rahua so adequately puts it, is based on beauty rituals that have been used for generations and have proven their worth.
Sunproof with COOLA Suncare!
24 mei 2017
We regularly worry about what we put in our bodies, why not what we put on it? The luxurious organic suncare products from COOLA are durable and made from natural and certified organic ingredients and antioxidants that prevent aging....
Prepare yourself for the sun with REN Skincare
08 mei 2017
Summer is coming – time to prepare yourself ánd your skin for those lovely sunrays. It is important to get your skin in top condition befóre you go sunbathing. A good scrub treatment is the solution...
Beauty & Care: Carla’s top 5 natural make-up must-haves
01 mei 2017
Beautiful natural looking make-up perfectly matches warm and sunny weather! Our beauty and make-up professional - make-up artist Carla Rep - shares her top 5 must-haves with us - for a healthy-glow look.
How to: clean your Spring delicates
10 april 2017
Spring is in the air! And that means it’s time for a thorough cleaning of both your house ánd your clothes. So go through your closet and get your favorite Spring pieces ready for a new and fresh season.
How to: shop the right fragrance
28 maart 2017
Either you love it, or you don't! When it comes to finding the right perfume, we rely 100% on our smell combined with our personal taste. But what about when you're buying perfume online?
Beauty & Care: 6 light Spring Perfumes
27 maart 2017
Some go for a signature fragrance and other like to change perfumes according to occasion. But did you know that a change of season also asks for a change of perfume?
How to: summer skin is created in winter - in 5 easy steps
16 januari 2017
Have you ever heard of the expression that a bikini body is created in the winter? Well, this is certainly the case when it comes to your skin! And to have your skin ready by that time, action needs to be taken now!
How to: Party make-up in 9 easy steps
12 december 2016
LOOK 2: Almost nude eyes with seductive lips. Your outfit and accessories for the party are all set and the right shoes have been found. So the time has come for that last finishing touch: make-up!
How to: Party make-up in 9 easy steps
09 december 2016
LOOK 1: Naturally beautiful with a subtle glow.
Your outfit and accessories for the party are all set and the right shoes have been found. So the time has come for that last finishing touch: make-up!
Our 4 Secret Fashion Tips
08 december 2016
New trousers that are just a bit too long, a sexy dress and no bra to match ór a wine stain on your silk blouse? Hollywood Fashion Secrets has the solutions!
Beauty: 5x Prepare your skin for winter
17 november 2016
Winter is coming! That means lower temperatures, drier air and less sunshine. Time to dress extra warm and protect your skin against the cold. Get your skin in top-condition before frost arrives...
Beauty: Carla Rep's 5 Fall Favorites
13 oktober 2016
If there's anyone who knows beauty and make-up trends, it's Carla! With colder weather in prospect, she shares her fall favorites with us.
Behind the Brand: RMS Beauty’s healing effect
02 september 2016
‘RMS Beauty is dedicated to transforming the way women use makeup.’ This sentence aptly summarizes the American brand’s core philosophy. RMS Beauty isn’t just your everyday brand promoting natural and organic ingredients. Founder Rose-Marie Swift has found a way to better the quality of her products, starting at the root of the problem – the production process.
How to: 3 Tips for perfect looking eyes
25 augustus 2016
Our eyes are the focus point of our face! However, they are extremely fragile and require special care. Why? Because the skin around the eyes is much thinner and more sensitive than the rest of our face.
How to: 3 tips for silky soft lips
19 augustus 2016
We care for our hair, skin and face. But what about our lips? They’re a crucial part of a seductive and sexy smile. Time for a crash course in lip care!
Trend: No-Poo for your hair
11 augustus 2016
Every woman wants it! A full, strong and healthy head of hair. And those who aren’t blessed with it naturally, can go to far lengths to simulate it. But is there an easy do-at-home method you can try to get the most out of your locks?
How to: 1 x curls, 4 looks
05 augustus 2016
Beachy waves, cute ringlets or a wild and curly head of hair – with a few easy tricks and techniques, you’ll recreate curly hair in flash! And curly hair is a perfect base for different hairdo’s. We’ll show you how to get the most out of your curly do...
How To: Radiant skin after sunbathing
27 juli 2016
Whether you’re tanning in the sun at a holiday or using a tanning bed, in both cases your skin is exposed to UV-radiation – which ask for special care treatment.
Top 5 – Carla Rep’s beauty favourites
21 juli 2016
Our make-up artist Carla Rep is responsible for all our models envious make-up looks ánd also creates trendy looks for many women’s and fashion magazines ánd tv-commercials...
How To: Protect dyed hair from the sun
15 juli 2016
When we go sunbathing, we protect our skin with sun cream and take extra good care afterwards. On the contrary, hair is often skipped...
How to steam with the Jiffy Steamers
24 juni 2016
Ironing, few people like doing it. Fortunately, with Jiffy Steamers ironing belongs to the past!
How to - create a model look
02 juni 2016
Clear skin, polished looks, perfect looking make-up – they all pass by abundantly in fashion magazines. Models often look perfect beyond perfection. Photoshop? Not at Perfectly Basics! But makeup is of upmost importance to us!
More Beauty & Care
01 juni 2016
Taking care of skin and hair and adding the perfect finishing touch are of great importance to women, as glowing skin and healthy hair give confidence and makes you feel beautiful...
Go on holiday and bring.. the COOLA Travel Set!
01 mei 2016
Now the summer has started, it’s important to protect your skin against the sun! COOLA organic suncare products protect and nourish the skin..
How to: take care of your white wardrobe
19 april 2016
Bright and fresh white pieces evoke happiness but what happens when your whites turn yellowish? It’s a sure sign that it’s time for a refreshing boost! We’ll show you how to...
11 simple tips to get rid of.. static clothing!
23 december 2015
Everyone knows the problem – static clothing! We’ve got 11 simple tips to get rid of this problem! Read and learn more below...
How To: Not Dry-clean Your Blazer
23 november 2015
Not dry-clean your blazer! Tips from Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd - co-founders of speciality-detergent brand The Laundress...
How to: take care for your delicate garments
12 mei 2015
How to: take care for your delicate garments
New at Perfectly Basics: Zenology
22 april 2015
We are very excited to expand our Home Fragrances and Skincare Collection with Zenology. This indie lifestyle brand is committed to bringing hotel luxury to your home, quality beauty and lifestyle products...
Customer Service FAQ part 2: How do I prevent and remove pilling?
27 februari 2015
The answer to the second frequently asked question: Why did my woolen sweater pill? How do I prevent and fight sweater pilling? Find it out here!
Wool Week: Take Care!
05 november 2014
Due to the unique natural and sustainable quality of the wool fiber, wool is actually very easy to take care of. It is a natural product with a self-cleaning effect, but it is still useful to know some things about the care of wool!
New | COOLA Organic Suncare
New | COOLA Organic Suncare
22 augustus 2014
We are often worried about what we put in our bodies, so why not worry about what we put on it as well? Meet COOLA Organic Suncare...
The Laundress | Woolmark
Top Tip | Woolmark logo for The Laundress
06 maart 2014
The days when caring for your woollen garments were a difficult and time consuming process are finally gone! The Wool & Cashmere Shampoo from ...
Top 5 | Bestselling REN Skincare products
26 februari 2014
To celebrate years of working together with REN Skincare, we have gathered a top 5 of bestsellers and most appreciated skincare products from the beloved brand. Read all about these products, and discover how you can win a REN Skincare goodie bag.
Create the look in five steps
11 juni 2013
Do you want to shine stylishly this summer with perfect hair and radiant makeup? Now you can! Our makeup artist Carla Rep has provided you with 5 tips for that amazing summer look. Now all you need is...
Hollywood magic against pesky stains
07 juni 2013
The fact that Hollywood Fashion Secrets creates undercover magic, is commonly known. Hollywood also presents us with a good dose of anti-stain magic, simply amazing!

Summer scrub!
07 mei 2013
Summer is that glorious time of year when we bare a little more of our bods - a perfect time to baby ourselves with a refreshing body scrub...
Gems for your legs
20 maart 2013
Perfection creates personality. The FALKE Perfect Skin Colours are as diverse as human skin tones. The perfect make-up matching your skin tone, is what makes you shine. With that approach Falke designs its...
New: Hollywood Fashion Secrets
06 maart 2013
Hollywood Fashion Secrets has a solution for your daily discomforts. Its speciality is providing invisible tricks improving your body image, letting your clothes look better on you and thus underlining femininity.
Help your hands survive the winter
06 februari 2013
We all know the cold winter weather is no treat for our hands. It’s the season to give some extra attention to our precious hands. Next up are a couple of tips that will pull your hands...
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