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4 Bras every woman should know

A good bra is the foundation of any look! But what types of bras are out there? From striking and sexy to understated and clean - we'll tell you about the 4 types you need to know!

1. T-shirt bra
You can go all the way with a T-shirt bra - it's omfortable, seamless and has smooth, molded cups. The bra is invisible under close-fit T-shirts and can be worn underneath most of your garments. Nice to know: this type of bra creates a nicely rounded cleavage. 
2. Push-up bra
The push-up bra is a bra with extra padding at the bottom for a lifted and feminine effect. and gives you a sexy, fuller cleavage. Adjusting the amount of lift is possible with bras with removable padding.
3. Strapless bra

Perfect for under a sexy dress or a summer top, the strapless bra! This one has no or detachable straps and is often provided with a silicone strip inside. Note that this type of bra should fit tightly under your bust - to prevent sagging! 


4. Wireless bra / bralette

Perfect for every day and favorite with many women - the wireless bra! This comfortable model is available with and without padding and ideal for woman that prefer a natural silhouette. Now on-trend: the bralette! This bra often comes with a racerback and is wonderfully comfortable. The bralette offers less support than other types and is especially suitable for women with a small cup. If you still want more support? Choose a bralette with molded cups.  Styling tip: let your lace bra subtly peek out of your oversized V-neck T-shirt or sweater.


Complement your basic wardrobe with your favorite type of bra and discover all bras in our shop!

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